Monday, May 31, 2010

Who's that girl?

Emcee Couture


We always love a little versatility in our wardrobe. We like to stretch our dollar bill as far as it can go, aye? ;) Emcee Couture with their oh-so awesome fashion sense has customized this piece to a perfect fit to our taste. Be it a flirty dress or a stylish dressy top - you can't go wrong with this! ;) They come in earthy tones like black, brown or even blue! For two looks that costs only RM50? That is sure a bargain! ;)



Checkered shirts are all the rage! You would normally see people strutting around with long sleeved checkered shirts but Emcee Couture decided to bring a little twist to this trend! A sleeveless top perfect for a day out with friends and family! This humble piece screams style and down-to-earth sensibilities! For only RM40.


A Model Studio

Mix and Match

Mix and Match ladies? A little lace and shimmering cotton can go a long way. From that hot date you've been anticipating to that happening disco at night, strut yourself in this little wonder and rest assured your fashion credibility is well guarded and elevated! ;) You can style this however you want -change the cotton inside, switch the lace. Just mix and match! For only - RM39!


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