Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iron Man 2

After the long wait, the much anticipated block buster is back with its sequel, starring Robert Downy Jr. as the rich playboy weaponry genius, Tony Stark; Gwyneth Paltrow as the dutiful assistant and love interest Pepper; and Scarlett Johanson as the sexy vixen, The Black Widow . We here in Kleio, were lucky enough to snag a couple of Premier Movie tickets and we were pleased with the movie. Iron Man 2 basically picks off where Iron Man 1 had left -when the notorious Tony Stark had announced that he was indeed, Iron Man.

The sequel revolves around the mysterious appearance of Ivan Vanko of Mexico, who had claimed that the Stark family had destroyed his family lives and sworn vengeance against the Stark industry. Whilst in the state, Stark was faced with legal issues with his armor -having to refuse the surrender of his invention to the government.

The movie was a moderate success, though we felt that it lacked the emotional depth the movie could have made -be it the slow and painful secret and eventual death that Stark was keeping from Pepper, or the mystery of the Shield or even the betrayal of Stark's close friend. Everything seemed a bit too abrupt. It seemed as though the director had put a little too much emphasis on the comedy side of the movie. (Yes, it was funny)

All in all, we felt that Iron Man 2 was a good movie -worth the watch if you are out with a couple of your guy friends who enjoy explosives, hot chicks, adrenaline pumping action, jokes and the fantasy of the rich and famous. While you can savor your eyes on cute guys in hot armor! ;)


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