Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online: Entertainment- Project Alpha

Gone were the days when media entertainment was only available on television. Well, the internet has hit home and taking the front seat in almost -everything. We can literally do everything with a keyboard, a good connection, a comfy chair and a decent computer system.

We can shop online, order food online, read stories online, get news online and now -entertainment that used to be confined to television is now accessible online! Very much thanks to the video website sensation that struck the world like a storm, Youtube.

Of course, many of you have definitely heard of Nuffnang -one of the first and largest advertising company in Asia. Have you heard of Project Alpha though? It seems that there is no end to this empire of franchise for Nuffnang. They are now starting their own television online series, featuring -of course- bloggers.

Influential names in the blogesphere such as Xia Xue, Kenny Sia, Cheesie, Niki Cheong and etc. take you to places far and wide to places as far as London and as close as Tambun. Its episodes speaks of stories and adventures of what Malaysia's Top Bloggers have to offer. From interviews to snake posing, rest assured, you will be enthralled every moment.

Interested? Do check it out!

A project presented by Adidas Action 3, and supported by P1 and MAS Airlines.


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