Monday, May 31, 2010

Sultry Little Sweetheart

It's often hard to find that fine balance between sexy to over-doing it, no? Our tip is to only choose one spot to accentuate. Think long sleeve top and mini skirt, or spaghetti top with long jeans. Always be aware that too much of a good thing will turn sour!


Clothes for Fun


This is no ordinary tube top. Vertical lines create an optical illusion of a leaner and slimmer body. And there is a bow to add a little spark and surprise to keep the tube from being just yet another tube top! Dressy, a little couture yet with a little spunk? Like it? We love it! Yours for only RM 20!



Here is the thing, people tend to have the misconception that sexy means showing skin. Wrong! This piece right here is not that body hugging nor revealing yet it oozes sex appeal. This top lets you get away with looking sexy without seeming as though you are trying too hard. Sort of that sexy bed head look, no? Get yours now, at only RM42!



Military Tube Top

Women say they love men in uniform. I bet you that the men will say that they love women in uniform when they see them in this! Pictures speak a million words. In this case, its all it needs to convince you to get'em. :) For only a shockingly low RM28!


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