Thursday, May 20, 2010

Accessories, accessories, accessories!

By Rosanna Lee

They say that accessories can make or break your outfit. While we usually have no qualms when it comes to investing in a well-fitted blazer or the perfect stiletto heels that promises us an illusion of slimmer legs, it is common for us to forget that the tiny details do matter too. Accessories are a great way of updating your wardrobe without breaking your bank account and here are a number of ways one can add a little pizzazz to an otherwise drab and done-to-death outfit ;)


Itsy Beadsy

Aptly called the Dream Catcher series, I’m sure there will be no nightmares when it comes to this baby. At only RM15, no wonder it’s snapping up like hotcakes!


Poppet Charm

We’ve seen many versions of Eiffel Tower earrings but that doesn’t stop our heart from melting when we found this darling gold-plated Eiffel which comes with cute tiny ribbons and delightful baubles. RM24 is all one needs to pay for a piece of Paris in their hands :)


Itsy Beadsy

Fancy a little something that’s on the vintage side? Invest in a pair of classics like these, match it with your favourite dress and a pair of dressy heels and you’re all good to go! Yours for only RM19.


Little Maketto

Toy soldiers encrusted with crystals adds a playful touch to any outfit and a smile to the face of those who wears it. Who says that growing up needs to be boring? Relieve your childhood by getting these precious pair at only RM40 from Little Maketto :)


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