Sunday, May 30, 2010


Once in a while, we all need to let loose our inner animal. ;) Check out these great finds -from peacock earrings to gladiators! Its enough to take your breath away, literally!

Caution: Do not match all these items all at once. One dash of the jungle is enough. ;)


Itsy Beadsy

Pretty Peacock

This is so much more than good photography girls. Peacocks have always been a symbol of glamor and grace. These pair of earrings are better than any accessory. It draws attention to that pretty face and nicely done hair. Its definitely not a quiet peace. :) Better get yourself a pair, looks like its getting sold out -fast. Get them at only RM18!


Dainty Little Blogshop


For those wild chica's who loves to live on the edge and let loose for a little while -this dress is perfect. Talk about letting out your inner animal! ;) Pair this dress up with a nice clincher and maybe a body hugging shirt inside, you don't need no accessories and wowza, girl you are ready to be the hottest feline in the jungle! For only RM44!


Clothes Bucket


Not your common gladiators, but they are sure something. They have some interesting details to it but bear that sweet resemblance to those beloved kicks. A pair of these 5 inch babies are enough to spice up any garment! And the ladies at Clothes Bucket says they are uber comfortable! ;) The amazing quality for only RM99! Hurry up! Its selling out fast!


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