Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Pull it Off: Blazers

By Farah Farzanna

This is week on How to Pull It Off we are discussing on blazers. Face it, blazers in our humid weather? Seems pretty hard to wear it, right? Wrong. With the correct materials and accessories, the hot temperature will not be a bother.


Meeting the Parents

So you’re meeting his parents for dinner. You must bear in mind that it is imperative to look gorgeous yet not over-the-top. Blazers with striking color is great, however pair it with soft toned tops and bottoms so they do not clash colors. Wear heels to add height and make legs look longer and a headband to keep the flyways.


Movie Night Out

Don’t be afraid to combine colors! Colors are great if you match them appropriately. Pair a black blazer with a striking colored skinny jeans. While keeping others in the same color palette, wear colorful accessories to enhance the soft tones!


Summer Day

For a walk in the park or for a shopping spree, put a dash of color in your life with a yellow sundress! Since our country is all sunshine all year round, this is perfect wear all the time! While keeping others toned down, perk it up with a pair of turquoise earrings which complemented the yellow dress perfectly. Brighten up a dull blazer with a bow brooch!

Tell us what you think! Any tips from you on how to style up a blazer?


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