Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Upcoming Events: Youth Festival '10

You know its going to be something extraordinary when the youth of a nation gather in one spot for the weekend. Talk about buzz, the Youth Festival '10 has got to be one of the biggest event in KL yet. You've heard your friends talking about them; you've seen them in the papers; you've seen them in television and heck, you've seen it in one of those cube adverts in Facebook.

So what exactly is the Youth Festival '10?

Date: 28th until 30th May 2010
Day: Friday until Sunday
Place: Putra World Trade Centre

They definitely know how to make themselves known. Everyone is practically buzzing with excitement about this event. The event caters to all kinds of teens; whether you are the shopaholic, the music fanatic or even dancing queen. You name it, they have it -literally.

They have a Music Festival, Dance Festival, Shopping Festival AND tons of concerts which features Malaysia's top talents. The A-lists of Malaysia are showing their faces here in the Youth Festival '10. Top talents and fresh faces such as:


Suki Low


And the list never ends. Yup folks, this is what we call -Youth Empowerment. Those with an addiction to fun and excitement should really go, because it looks like a heck of a fun weekend awaits.

Get your free passes here:

Festival Guide:

Facebook Page:


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