Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love My Couture

Clothes For Fun!

One of our favorite blog shop has branched out to shoes! The ever so awesome people from Clothes for Fun has graced us with the glory of imported shoes! And boy, they are gorgeous!



The name doesn't really match the item seriously. The moment I laid eyes on these kickers, I felt everything BUT tranquil. I felt a burning surge of longing and want. These shoes are to die for. :)

These pairs of shoes have a very Lady Gaga-stage-performance-esque essence to it no? We absolutely love those bronze, black and neon pink shades they come in! Very Yves-saint Laurent, no? The price?

At a mere RM160.

Hurry up and get your own pair! We predict these pair of babies will only be in store for so long!



Gladiators are always a cherry on the ice cream for any chic look. I applaud the Romans for inventing the concept! The basic black speaks of a confident Manhattan working woman whereas the classic beige screams -I am classy and I am here.

The thing about gladiators are, they are currently the trendy footwear. Oh sure, trends come and go. But you know, we have a feeling that this trend won't cause us to cringe like most outdated trends -but make us revive the trend yet again. :) All hail gladiators!

Grab your pair of footwear wonders at only RM160!


Luv My Dresses

Sexy Back

Talk about your typical LBD with a twist. Oh sure, its all plain-sexy-Jane in the front. Turn around and people will stop their breathes and shout, 'Vixen!' We love this piece because of its uncanny way of portraying the classical Little Black Dress popularized by the ever glamorous beauty icon- Audrey Hepburn.

Yours, at only RM55! Postal charges waived. ;)


Garden Edition

Another trendy wear by the amazing people at Luv My Dresses. Floral prints are in and here to stay! Eco-friendship and going green is the 'it' attitude and has evidently made it into our closets too! Look for floral print wears such as these, and be with the trendy crowd yaw! ;)

For a ridiculously low price of RM49 with postal charges waived! ;)


Emcee Couture

Hand made dresses and tresses which would normally cost you a bomb at normal retail stores, but that was before Emcee Couture came about. ;) Their garments are intricately made with love and care, and boy, are they amazing. :D



Pastel colors with a white bottom have a way of making anyone look demure. :) This dress looks so sweet with a whole lot of girlish air to it. Suitable for a stroll down the mall or dinner with relatives! :) Pair it with some cute heels or even flats, and a bold colored thick hair band and you are ready to go sister! ;)

Only at RM50!


MC 080

If you like the floral trend, you should definitely get this piece! Even if you are not too fond, this dress goes along well too! Its not too boisterous with the flowers yet enough to make a statement. Suitable for work AND leisure. ;) I am definitely getting one myself. :P

Only at RM50!


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