Monday, May 31, 2010

Sultry Little Sweetheart

It's often hard to find that fine balance between sexy to over-doing it, no? Our tip is to only choose one spot to accentuate. Think long sleeve top and mini skirt, or spaghetti top with long jeans. Always be aware that too much of a good thing will turn sour!


Clothes for Fun


This is no ordinary tube top. Vertical lines create an optical illusion of a leaner and slimmer body. And there is a bow to add a little spark and surprise to keep the tube from being just yet another tube top! Dressy, a little couture yet with a little spunk? Like it? We love it! Yours for only RM 20!



Here is the thing, people tend to have the misconception that sexy means showing skin. Wrong! This piece right here is not that body hugging nor revealing yet it oozes sex appeal. This top lets you get away with looking sexy without seeming as though you are trying too hard. Sort of that sexy bed head look, no? Get yours now, at only RM42!



Military Tube Top

Women say they love men in uniform. I bet you that the men will say that they love women in uniform when they see them in this! Pictures speak a million words. In this case, its all it needs to convince you to get'em. :) For only a shockingly low RM28!

Who's that girl?

Emcee Couture


We always love a little versatility in our wardrobe. We like to stretch our dollar bill as far as it can go, aye? ;) Emcee Couture with their oh-so awesome fashion sense has customized this piece to a perfect fit to our taste. Be it a flirty dress or a stylish dressy top - you can't go wrong with this! ;) They come in earthy tones like black, brown or even blue! For two looks that costs only RM50? That is sure a bargain! ;)



Checkered shirts are all the rage! You would normally see people strutting around with long sleeved checkered shirts but Emcee Couture decided to bring a little twist to this trend! A sleeveless top perfect for a day out with friends and family! This humble piece screams style and down-to-earth sensibilities! For only RM40.


A Model Studio

Mix and Match

Mix and Match ladies? A little lace and shimmering cotton can go a long way. From that hot date you've been anticipating to that happening disco at night, strut yourself in this little wonder and rest assured your fashion credibility is well guarded and elevated! ;) You can style this however you want -change the cotton inside, switch the lace. Just mix and match! For only - RM39!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Once in a while, we all need to let loose our inner animal. ;) Check out these great finds -from peacock earrings to gladiators! Its enough to take your breath away, literally!

Caution: Do not match all these items all at once. One dash of the jungle is enough. ;)


Itsy Beadsy

Pretty Peacock

This is so much more than good photography girls. Peacocks have always been a symbol of glamor and grace. These pair of earrings are better than any accessory. It draws attention to that pretty face and nicely done hair. Its definitely not a quiet peace. :) Better get yourself a pair, looks like its getting sold out -fast. Get them at only RM18!


Dainty Little Blogshop


For those wild chica's who loves to live on the edge and let loose for a little while -this dress is perfect. Talk about letting out your inner animal! ;) Pair this dress up with a nice clincher and maybe a body hugging shirt inside, you don't need no accessories and wowza, girl you are ready to be the hottest feline in the jungle! For only RM44!


Clothes Bucket


Not your common gladiators, but they are sure something. They have some interesting details to it but bear that sweet resemblance to those beloved kicks. A pair of these 5 inch babies are enough to spice up any garment! And the ladies at Clothes Bucket says they are uber comfortable! ;) The amazing quality for only RM99! Hurry up! Its selling out fast!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Music Review: Iron Man 2

By Xavatos

Now that everybody (almost everybody, I hope) has watched Iron Man 2, do you remember the opening sequence? Iron Man flying, making his way to the Stark Expo, and there were dancers dancing to an awesome electric guitar riff? That was AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill”. That was fantastic, wasn’t it?

I remember feeling very awed by the choice of music, and how well the song blended in with the movie.

This is what happens, when John Favreau puts AC/DC –the legendary rock and roll, metal band – with Iron Man 2, the anticipated sequel, together.

AC/DC has been around for almost four decades, although some of the younger generation have not heard of them, they are one of the greatest rock and roll, heavy metal bands around. They are hitting their sixties soon, and they are still rocking hard.

This is the official Iron Man 2 soundtrack, which has AC/DC’s best singles and a couple of tracks from their studio album. “Shoot to Thrill” and “Highway to Hell” was featured in the movie; the former was one in the opening sequence as mentioned earlier and the latter was the ending, as Tony Stark cruises down the road. “Iron Machine” is also featured in this soundtrack, which ironically is the metal, unpainted version of Iron Man prototype; the War Machine (piloted by Tony Stark’s friend-cum-sidekick, Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes). Ivan Vanko (he was the whip-parrot loving villain) seems to get his own theme song, in the track “Evil Walks”, which sounds like a villain scheming and planning.

While the score has been yet to b release, it is said to be done by John Debney, and is assisted by Tom Morello (yes, THE guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, and also, an ex- Audioslave member!). Something to look forward to, yes?

I personally like “Shoot to Thrill”, “Guns for Hire”, “Highway to Hell,” and “War Machine”. It all starts with strong guitar riffs, empowered with drums and strong vocals. It doesn’t get repetitive, but addictive.

Here are the track listings, compiled for your convenience:

Track Number

Track Title



Shoot to Thrill



Rock 'N' Roll Damnation



Guns for Hire



Cold Hearted Man



Back in Black






If You Want Blood (You've Got It)



Evil Walks






Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be



Have a Drink on Me



The Razor's Edge



Let There Be Rock



War Machine



Highway to Hell


P/S: The author is an AC/DC fan. If you want to try to listen to AC/DC, get their greatest hits album, which is something they do not have. Try this soundtrack instead, which definitely works as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bring on the Bags, Honey!

We all know, girls and bags goes like salt and pepper. A bag is nothing without a girl, and a girl is nothing without her bag. Where else do we keep our essentials like lip gloss and compact powder to maintain looking oh-so fabulous all day long?


Sista Closette

Lacey Chanel Inspired Bag

Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo along with some other fantabulous brands together form the building blocks of fashion. A single move from either one of them could single handedly revolutionize the whole generation's history.

And so the lovely ladies from Sista' Closette has got us this wonderful Lacey Inspired Chanel Handbag. Its classy with a bit of an edge to it, no? :) Just the sheer Chanel like feel of the bag makes you proud to have it sling by your side with all your essentials. And how much you ask? A mere, RM 52. And available in White, Pink, Black and Yellow too!


Clothes For Fun


A little cowboy style will hurt no one. The fresh-from-the-ranch look this bag has will turn heads and make people think you are some superstar from Texas! Oh-lala. :) You can style it with a pair of dressy top and jeans, or even go all out with a glamed up outfit and babe, you are ready to stun and be the center of attention! And yeah, only at RM 75! Hurry and get your little piece of Texas! ;)

Emcee Couture

If you are like me -liking that daily dose of couture and a splash of down-to-earth outfits, you will absolutely adore Emcee Couture. You don't have to worry about over-the-top or all-too-boring outfits here, they seem to have found a sturdy and even ground in between. And guess what, all their dresses are tailor-made. ;)
Liking what you see at Emcee Couture? Then be prepared to fall in love bargain hunters, Emcee Couture is organizing their very first Give Away. :) Here is a little extract from their blog:

Hello Girls!
Join my first Giveaway and be one of the THREE lucky winners to walk away with RM30 voucher for any purchase with emceecouture!

To WIN, simply :

1.Be a follower by clicking "Follow" at the bottom, and post on the facebook group's wall you follower ID,email address & desire to join the contest.

2.Click "Join" at emceecouture's facebook group and post on the wall you email address & desire to join the contest.

.:example-Wall Post:.
Follower ID : abc (optional)
email address
"would love to win the RM30 voucher,count me in!!"

This contest ends on 6 June 2010.
so join in the fun and spread the love!
All the best!

*Terms and conditions*
1.Only complete entry will be entertained.
2. THREE (3) winning entried will be randomly selected.
3. Winners will be announced on the blog and notified through email (therefore very important to leave your contact details!)
4. Vouchers are valid for ONE (1) month from date of issuance.
5. Vouchers won are not exchnageable for cash.
6. Use of item is one off, for item with the same or above its value.

I know. It's like they can read our minds. ;) Hurry up and join!

FIFA World Cup 2010

by Jeffery Soon

That’s right! All eyes are on South Africa this June,- the most anticipating event that will be the talk of the town across the globe!

From Johannesburg to Durban, to Cape Town to Polokwane, the entire nation is gearing up and getting ready for the big event.

FIFA World Cup 2010 will be taking place between June 11th and July 11th .

Nine South African cities will be play the role of Host Cities, which means that the tournament’s 64 matches will be played in ten stadiums.

K’naan is the artist behind the World Cup’s theme song, “Waving Flag”

The 19th world cup ever held this year, who’ll be taking it home?

We’ll only know by the end of July 11th.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Pull it Off: Blazers

By Farah Farzanna

This is week on How to Pull It Off we are discussing on blazers. Face it, blazers in our humid weather? Seems pretty hard to wear it, right? Wrong. With the correct materials and accessories, the hot temperature will not be a bother.


Meeting the Parents

So you’re meeting his parents for dinner. You must bear in mind that it is imperative to look gorgeous yet not over-the-top. Blazers with striking color is great, however pair it with soft toned tops and bottoms so they do not clash colors. Wear heels to add height and make legs look longer and a headband to keep the flyways.


Movie Night Out

Don’t be afraid to combine colors! Colors are great if you match them appropriately. Pair a black blazer with a striking colored skinny jeans. While keeping others in the same color palette, wear colorful accessories to enhance the soft tones!


Summer Day

For a walk in the park or for a shopping spree, put a dash of color in your life with a yellow sundress! Since our country is all sunshine all year round, this is perfect wear all the time! While keeping others toned down, perk it up with a pair of turquoise earrings which complemented the yellow dress perfectly. Brighten up a dull blazer with a bow brooch!

Tell us what you think! Any tips from you on how to style up a blazer?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Upcoming Events: Youth Festival '10

You know its going to be something extraordinary when the youth of a nation gather in one spot for the weekend. Talk about buzz, the Youth Festival '10 has got to be one of the biggest event in KL yet. You've heard your friends talking about them; you've seen them in the papers; you've seen them in television and heck, you've seen it in one of those cube adverts in Facebook.

So what exactly is the Youth Festival '10?

Date: 28th until 30th May 2010
Day: Friday until Sunday
Place: Putra World Trade Centre

They definitely know how to make themselves known. Everyone is practically buzzing with excitement about this event. The event caters to all kinds of teens; whether you are the shopaholic, the music fanatic or even dancing queen. You name it, they have it -literally.

They have a Music Festival, Dance Festival, Shopping Festival AND tons of concerts which features Malaysia's top talents. The A-lists of Malaysia are showing their faces here in the Youth Festival '10. Top talents and fresh faces such as:


Suki Low


And the list never ends. Yup folks, this is what we call -Youth Empowerment. Those with an addiction to fun and excitement should really go, because it looks like a heck of a fun weekend awaits.

Get your free passes here:

Festival Guide:

Facebook Page:

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

By Xavatos

The Time Traveler’s Wife

By Audrey Niffenegger

Audrey Niffenegger blends in time-travel (without sounding like a science fiction novel) and romance into a masterpiece – “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, which is wonderfully and creatively written novel.

Our hero, Henry DeTamble suffers from Chrono Displacement Disorder, which is a genetic disease, and it causes him to time travel involuntarily – to the future, or the past. There are times, when he travels to the past, and relives the memory of his late mother; or to the future, meeting the child they would have. It all starts, when he travelled to the past and he met the love of his life – Claire Abshire, who was out at her parent’s meadow, doodling away. A sound from the bushes intrigued her, and she threw her shoe at him. And out came Henry, who was stark naked, covered only with a beach towel. And that was their first meeting. She was six, and he, 36.

Now, are you interested? No? No, not yet, of course.

We are introduced to their families and friends. Although they are minor, side characters, they do play some important parts in the novel as it develops – Henry’s longstanding girlfriend, Ingrid Carmichel, Claire’s close friends, Charisse and Gomez, Mrs Kim, Henry’s caretaker/neighbour/landlord/friend; and all this, yes, makes it a better read.

The couple continued their unconventional way of dating and eventually married. Like every other couple, they have their ups and downs. Claire was upset and disappointed about her disappearing and never-there-when-i-need-you husband; Henry was frustrated at Claire’s determinacy to risk her life to carry a baby. Claire does eventually conceives, a baby girl by the name of Alba DeTamble, who has time-travelling abilities, too. Unlike her father, however, she is somewhat able to control it.

Throughout the novel, we do read a little foreshadowing about Henry’s death. Yes, the hero dies in the end. However, due to his time-travelling abilities, he does appear every now and then. We then see the family moving on, until the epilogue, where we see Claire, old with age, who is waiting for Henry --

"He is coming, and I am here."

What got me glued to this novel is the author’s ability to write fluidly, sequencing the future and foreshadowing without revealing much, and then reverting back to the current timeline. For starters, it may be quite confusing and erratic, but it will make sense later on the novel. The author touches on various aspects of humanity – love and loss, death and dying, drugs.

I personally recommend this. If you are looking for a good read or a romantic novel, put aside your Mills and Boons, and give this a try. It does take you through Henry and Claire’s life – their first meeting, their families and friends, their trails and tribulations, their married life.

It leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


by Rosanna Lee

Florals have always been a perennial favourite among the designers throughout the year and it’s no surprise that this trend has been in and out of runways throughout the seasons but that does not mean we have seen the last of it, not just yet!

Autumn, winter, summer or spring, there’s always room for floral in our wardrobes especially when it one of its biggest selling point is it’s versatility that it brings to the wearer. Florals are classy and when accessorized with the must haves of the season, like bow hairbands, hobo bags, or chain necklaces, expect to charm your way through in style.

Here are some of my favourite looks on and off the runway that I would like to share :

Chanel Spring Fashion 2010

DKNY Spring Fashion 2010

Moschino Spring Fashion 2010

Blugirl Spring Fashion 2010

Betsey Johnson Spring 2010

Anna Sui Spring Fashion 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Fashion 2010

Alannah Hill Autumn/Winter 2010

Want to keep up with all the fashion without splurging a bomb over it? Stay tuned as we tell you how to be florally-inspired in our next update!

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