Monday, May 10, 2010

There's that colour!

Solid bold colours are making its way back into our closets, and we here in Kleio absolutely adores that trend! Not only does it makes a statement, it is also simple and classic. And you can go crazy with accessories too! :)


Sista Closette

Cross Back Dress

The colour itself makes a statement! I mean, look that that shade of fuchsia! Plus the intricate detailing at the back is enough to make people stop and stare. (in a good way) We suggest a cool and bold belt to go with this little number. It will create a modern city chic girl look to your everyday wear! Match it with a pair of heels and bag, and damn girl, even Sarah Jessica Parker will be envious! ;)

Only RM 43!


Oh, popsicles!

Spunky Sparrow Bag

What's a fashionista without her chic hand bag? Oh, Popsicles proudly brings you the Spunky Sparrow Bag! Available in 5 different colours! (Red, White, Blue, Brown and Black) What we like about this bag is - its not crazily over-sized nor is it too tiny. Its just right to put your essentials you might need. :) Plus the golden embellishments just adds that class to the bag, no? :)

Only at RM65!


Clothes For Fun


I mean, who doesn't love a good dress in bold colours? :) This dress is simple yet chic at the same time! Plus it has a flare-y bottom which gives that fairy tale like feel to it. It seems like Clothes for Fun is definitely well named. ;)

Only for RM55!



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