Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girls Night Out

With our hectic college/school/work lives, we hardly find the time to spruce ourselves up and have a fun girls night out. But hey, when we do, we dress to kill! ;) Bring on those heels and strapless because girls night outs always bring out the sexiness in everyone! You want to look bold, sexy and confident!


The Princess Boutique

Party Ruffle Toga Dress

One of the Roman's greatest inventions in fashion -the toga. The one shouldered little wonder is slowly creeping back into today's latest trends -as spotted very frequently on the red carpet nowadays, like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively and many more. The Princess Boutique had one piece with some embellishments. We absolutely love this piece! Its sexy and bold! It presents some class and a correct amount of skin! And guess what, it is only RM 65! And its selling out fast!


Clothes for Fun


Can you say vixen? We like this piece because it hugs the right curves and screams sexy! The lace teases and sends a message that you are hard to get! This dress will definitely turn heads! Just put on some lip gloss and tie a loose pony tail and you are ready to have some fun with your girls! With an affordable price of RM48, you can own this number! ;)


Blissfully Beautiful

Clara Skirt

Who says you have to be in a dress for a girls night out? On the contrary, skirts are the symbolic icon for femininity. We came across this piece and couldn't resist! The high waist line for this skirt adds a splash of retro in the look, pair it with a tube and an androgynous-esque jacket, you are ready to get 'em! And it looks uber cute too! Available in two colours -Navy and Grey. And only at RM49 too! :)


And there is more to come! Be brave and try out new styles, and who knows, you might just start a revolution. Be ready to have a fun girls night out! ;)


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