Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily Blogfind: Glamouree

If you are a stickler for that perfect look and be the one with impeccable taste in fashion, you should probably give Glamouree a click and look-see. :)

Cardigans are oh-so cute, no? :)
Here is an extract from the owner herself, on what made her to take the decision of starting a blogshop:

To me, fashion has always been this captivating force of inspiration allowing individuals to express themselves without having to say a single word. Being a shopaholic with way too much spare time on her hands, most of my free time is spent memorizing reading fashion magazines, scouting fashion blogs for the latest trends and dreaming of, one day, owning my own shopping mall :P All this overflowing “adventures” I have eventually motivated me to open up my own little blog shop, Glamouree, where I hope to inspire individuals with what inspires me. The shop features dresses, tops, accessories and handmade items all handpicked by me with love <3 

 We love her enthusiasm and passion in fashion no? :) Updates are expected every Friday with mini splashes of updates in between.  

Cute accessories are to be expected too! :)
And we love the fact that they are hand-made too! :)
So what are you waiting for? Go give this blogshop a click! :)

Global Battle of the Bands 2011

You a self proclaimed music addict? Are you in a band? Is music your passion? The solid beat of music sends your veins pulsating with excitement?

If you said yes to any of the above statement, this event is the event for you.

Global Battle of the Bands

With over 30 countries involved, it is one of the most largest talent searches conducted! It opens to all types of bands -professional and amateur to present original materials for the world to see. This will expose bands across the globe and give their career the much needed boost! Entrance tickets are free and for the first time ever, its held in Malaysia! Go and show your support!

Details are as follows:

The qualifying round #4
Date: 29th to 39th January 2011
Time: 7pm to 1am
Place: Celebrities Club, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

This will decide who will move on to the National Finals, and there, to the World Finals. So music enthusiast or emerging bands, you know what to do! ;)

For more information:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily BlogFinds!

Sometimes a simplistic conceptual online shop is all we need to remedy our fashion needs. So this is when AfterBlu steps in and more than satisfy our needs.

Cute skirts for only RM30 a piece!
The idea of starting a blogshop was when a need arouse to feed the thirst for fashion which ultimately triggered the launch of this awesome conceptualized digital store. Afterblu is based in both Australia and Malaysia. It also updates pretty frequently too!

Red Hot dresses for prices as low as RM80!

Although AfterBlu is a newbie in the online business, it has shown tremendous success and has managed to sneak off our computer screen and joined forces with OB Couture in Tropicana City Mall to preview their pieces offline! There is an on going promotion if you purchase from them too! You get free postage if you buy three of any items!

Fashion junkie aren't you? Or a bargain hunter? Whichever, you should definitely give AfterBlu a click, you'll love them. I know I do. :)

Go, go, go visit them! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily BlogFinds: Blings Plus Size

Having a hard time looking for clothes that fit? Fed up of clicking and scrolling every where, just to find clothes that are the typical 'model' size? Fret not, today our featured blogshop is here to save the day!

Blings Plus Size

Blings Plus Size is an awesome choice for those plus sized gals out there with a fetish for fashion! Not only their clothes are oh-so-darlingly cute, they add an edge to your daily wear to emphasize the right curves!

A semi-formal dress for that cocktail party maybe? 

Oh girl, work that fedora! Cute outfit, might I add! ;)

Who says you need to be stick thin to be fashionable? 

Gone are the days of the stick thin and Kate Moss look-alike. Curves are here to stay and it's time you embrace them! Most of the pieces in Blings Plus Size ranges from prices that are below RM59! Fashion at an affordable price? Sign us up!

Click click click! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty Eyes - Alex Goot

Nothing like some good music to end the day. :) Youtube star -Alex Goot has done yet another amazing job with original song, Pretty Eyes. Hopeless romantics out there can tune into this sweet serenade directed by Kurt Schneider.

Go and take a listen. It's awesome! :)

This Week: Sales and Updates

Sales and updates from Blogshops all compressed into one awesome-packed list! From the rush of Chinese New Year Sales to the early Valentine Sales, it's all here! ;)

Itsy Beadsy is having their 2nd Anniversary Sale! Happy Birthday! :) (26th Jan - 9th Feb)

*A Model Studio items at a discounted price at the Sale's site! Sales all year round! Niceee! :)

*After Blu has gone offline with OB Couture at Tropicana City Mall! Free postage for every 3 items!

Angel Glory with free gifts to be given away! (23rd Jan - 23rd Feb)

* All Things You Must Have is having a clearance sale!

* Dr Pizzicato with their Pre-CNY sales! Everything is under RM40! 

Miss Shopaholics Closet is having a Pre-CNY Sale!

Modello is giving free postage until CNY!

Wondiferous is having a clearance sale! Nothing is over RM30!

Puteri Fashion is having promotion! Buy 3 piece for RM100!

Sista Closette is having a Year End Sale! Discounts up to 50%, freebies and free postage! 

Anything to Shop is having a CNY promotion! Freebies and 20% discounts up for grabs!

Hearteco is having a Valentine's Special! Discounts up to 20% right until the day before Valentines!

I Want Bags is having the return of the UK Spree! Until 9th February! 

Whitesoot is having a surprise giveaway! Go and try your luck! :)

Art and Life Market is having an official opening this Saturday  (29th January 2011) Be there for the fabulous line up of performances, art workshops and awesome buys! :)

With all these sales and promotions, it's hard to resist! Go, go fashionistas. :) Go shop your hearts out! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daily Blogfind: Notbook-Nutbuk

Stationary junkies like me can cheer in glee as the featured blogshop of the day is introduced:


If you are a sucker for cute and customized stationaries, you will adore Notbook-Notbuk. They have absolutely the most adorable things and at the most affordable price too!

Fancy some funky planners?

Or maybe you are more of a notebook type?

A jazzed up clock to tell the time maybe? 

The main catalyst that sparked the idea of a blogshop was when owner Kricia started making notebooks as gifts for her friends. From there, it grew into something that she did quite often -she began making notebooks for herself, her relatives and friends. So why not bring it up a notch, and share her passion with the rest of the world?

Expected updates: Once or twice in a week ( or more! )

The prices range from a little over RM20 to as low as RM12! So students don't have to worry about it burning a whole in your wallet! ;) So scoot your cursor over to the blue link up there, and go give Notbook-nutbuk a click! It's so cute, it will be such a waste to not pay them a visit!

Trends: Capes

Disclaimer: Kleio does not own any of the following pictures. If any of these pictures are yours and you feel uncomfortable with them being posted here, do email us and we will remove them asap!

Capes: Hero or Zero?

It's hard to distinguish between true style and just another trend. Fashion is a form of art -it is subjective and open to debate. To each their own style -you can be chic, punk or even Bohemian chic. But every now and then, all these styles meet up and a new trend is born.

Trends are usually sparked by celebrities strutting them on the streets where the public eye is watching their every step. So what is the current trend of the season?

Victoria Beckham and her usual sunnies. 

A very sleek looking Kirsten Bell.


If you were wondering my reaction when I heard the news, it was like this: o.O

When I thought of capes, one thing usually comes to mind: 

Is it really practical? Can this trend really work? Or will it be cast aside a few months later along with the wide-legged bell bottoms and big hair? I first had an encounter with this trend when I was watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. Kimora was expanding her business into England and she needed to know what was the trend there.

And yes, you guessed it. Capes.

I had a wild guess that this trend originated from there.

Well, I have to admit. These capes do add that allure and elegant touch to the overall look. As for the practicality of this trend, especially in the humid weather in Malaysia? Well, we might have to rethink twice about that.

We highly doubt that this trend will be able to find its way into our closet here in the South East Asia, but it is a good-to-know tip if anyone has any plans to go abroad this fall! 

Capes, work it like a trench coat. Our tip is to keep the tones neutral and close to earthy tones. Since the trench-cape is so dramatic already, there is hardly any need for accessories. 

What do you think? 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily BlogFinds!

My utmost favorite thing about going to a shopping mall is about the variety. Especially when there is a new shop up and about! The sheer excitement of something fresh and unknown is exhilarating, no? :)

Unfortunately, the online blogospher is so vast and sometimes, we get stuck in the rut with the same old blogshops. We may not even know if there is a new blogshop that came about! So blogshop owners and online shoppers alike, listen up! ;)

If you think you deserve a little more limelight and have the greatest find ever, smack us in the face with your awesomeness! Email us your link, your story, your bargains (if you are the blogshop owner) or if you are a buyer and know of this awesome shop that Kleio simply don't know of (in that case, our bad!) and tell us your story of how awesome a blogshop that recommended site is! 

Share the love people! Send us your recommendations to! :)

The Daily Blogfinds will start officially on the 24th of January 2011. So keep those emails coming! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art n' Life Market

Art and fashion gets along together like peanut butter and jelly. :) So art enthusiasts and shopaholics alike, mark this in your calender because the Art n' Life Market is here! 

22nd-23rd January 2011
29th-30th January 2011
11th-13th February 2011
18th-20th February 2011
25th-28th February 2011

Place: Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Immerse yourself in the local art and fashion scene with a dash of acoustic performances lined up for that period of time! With photo competitions and art workshops, it is much more than your typical bazaar! And right in the central of the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur too! This is something you don't want to miss! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Girls.

What do you think of the brand new makeover of Kleio? We hope that the new look will also bring a bit more structure to make your whole shopping experience that much more enjoyable and relaxing! ;)

After Blu Collection *Newbie*

Summer Print
Price: RM 35

Block dresses are always an awesome essential to have. It is suitable for petites as the black band helps elongates your legs. It is much more awesome for lankier girls as it gives emphasis on your legs and makes your waist shorter and much more balanced. And wow, I do love the fresh prints on the skirt! Gives it that carefree girl look, no? And the price is such a steal too! ;)



Mandarin Babydoll Dress
Price: RM45

Whilst fashion is all about the fun, we like to keep things sophisticated and timeless as well. You know those pesky shift dresses that only stick thin girls can pull off? Well don't fret, this number right here beats that statement to a pulp. With a little tug at the waist, people without supermodel figures like us can try on this timeless look too! 



The Herve

Price: RM56

So do you dare go shocking pink? This number is awesome for girls with too wide shoulders and wish to make them look a little less awkward. The straps brings the eyes straight to the long neck and the second strap keeps the whole look balanced and gives that illusion of a not-so-broad shoulders. The cutting looks pretty flattering too! What makes or breaks a garment is always depending a cutting that flatters your body shape.


Bohemian Safari

Price: RM70

All for drama with a flirty punch? Maxi dresses never fail to bring on the drama and glamor. And that leopard print? It brings that inner jungle cat and sexy vibe in you. This is worth the splurge if you are all for sexy without bearing too much. And this is one of the rare dresses that can pull off a full on leopard print without looking too.... erm... Jersilicious? 


A Chic Store

Polka Dots Vintage Dress- Peach
Price: RM59

I always had a thing for vintage things. And nothing screams vintage like polka dots! This quirky and care free number has such a endearing charm and appeal to it, it is hard to say no! The draping on the top of the dress helps tone down for bustier girls and adds that wind swept beach California girl! ;)


Oozora Tang

ozrC_610 Reddish Spell
Price: RM58

All for floral prints? This endearing little number will give you that innocent girl charm! Though its hard to pull off such a complicated print like this, it is advisable to cinch at the waist with a thicker plain belt or a cardigan to tone it down a notch. But hey, to each their own opinion -you could wear it without the belt too! But do try not to wear any accessories at the neck area, this dress is a stand alone wonder. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First of Everything

Happy New Year! ;) 

You know, new year represents so many things to many different people. To most, it is the beginning of a new phase -think college days. College and school days are starting for some (myself included) and well, the major dilemma for many people are -what am I going to wear?

A friend of mine thinks that dresses are wayy to dressy for college. Well, I think you can SO strut a dress on the hallways of campus. :) Fashion is all about breaking boundaries anyways. :D

A Model Studio

Casual Structure ams1834
Price: RM46

Forget about blending in, honey. You didn't buy a good outfit only to be forgotten five minutes later. Dresses are pretty awesome stuff. :) For college, maybe you don't want to be too flashy and be a little come off-ish. Opt for a more casual looking dress. Plus to inject a little formal feel to your outfit, a structured casual dress is perfect for the first day of college! 


 Fashion Nerds

Circle of Elegance
Price: RM19
It is almost a blend between the retro funk and future chic! Plus side it is very easy to match with your outfit. It bubbles with so much fun and sophistication, this necklace is a definite must have! And my oh my, look at the price -what a steal. :)

All Things You Must Have

Quilted Bags
Price: RM35
Sure you have your bag packs and books and files, so you will stow them away in your locker, then what? This is where this gorgeous baby comes in. A clutch or a sling bag, style it according to your outfit! Perfect size for essentials, like stationaries, phones and little notepads. It's not only suitable for college, you can bring this baby to the streets too! 

Emcee Couture
Price: RM59

If you are feeling a tad rebellious, you can try this piece. People tell me you should dress more maturely when going to college. Feeling cheeky? Try this little number on! I love this piece because it is so sweet and demure with a tang of childhood fun! Plus, it is rebellious without being too outrageously ridiculous like Lady Gaga! It is suitable for a day out in the sun too, not just plain old college. And it brings the whole serious-college-girl look a little life and spin too! :)

Le Mode Maison

Whitney Bodycon

Price: RM 49

Okay, fine, maybe not so much for college. But I simply love this dress! Bodycon dresses are always the best choice if you want to show off your curves and look sexy without trying too hard. And that criss-cross and slightly structured part, so Kim Kardashian. Yes?


Oozora Tang

Bewitch Skirt

Price: RM20
Skirts are a more casual and laid back option if dresses are too much for you. Try a deep navy shade like this one embellished with a cool belt. Match with a plain top and go bold with accessories! Go with quality and not quantity! Get bold and attention seeking ones that compliment the motive of the belt. One tip if you still insist on many accessories -once you are done piling up, look in the mirror and take off the last accessory that you put on! (Yes, a wise advice from Coco Chanel herself! )

Friday, December 31, 2010

We love Mashups!

It's good to reminisce once in a while! In sync with the new year, DJ Earworm has released yet another mash-up/remix of 2010's top 25 hits! We loved last year's 2009 remix, and this year is no different! :)

Do check it out, its worth a look-see. Do tell us what you think! ;)

Best Wishes

Happy New Year!

;) All the best for 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hitting the Streets!

Well, sort of.

For all those ladies who adore the clothes and drool over the prices of the online shop blogosphere, yet you are too anxious to actually place an order. What if they don't fit? What if they are not like the picture? What if those blogshopping horror stories happen to you?

Fret not, because the awesome blog shop owner are now shutting off their laptops (for a while) and walking down the streets of Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid and spreading the online blogshop love! ;) And why not catch them at their grand opening and show some love and support? Details are as follows:

Date: 1st January 2011 (what a way to hit off the new year eh?)
Time: 11 am
Place: Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

Pretty awesome blogshops will be featured there if you ask me. :) Go check them out aight?

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