Friday, December 31, 2010

We love Mashups!

It's good to reminisce once in a while! In sync with the new year, DJ Earworm has released yet another mash-up/remix of 2010's top 25 hits! We loved last year's 2009 remix, and this year is no different! :)

Do check it out, its worth a look-see. Do tell us what you think! ;)

Best Wishes

Happy New Year!

;) All the best for 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hitting the Streets!

Well, sort of.

For all those ladies who adore the clothes and drool over the prices of the online shop blogosphere, yet you are too anxious to actually place an order. What if they don't fit? What if they are not like the picture? What if those blogshopping horror stories happen to you?

Fret not, because the awesome blog shop owner are now shutting off their laptops (for a while) and walking down the streets of Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid and spreading the online blogshop love! ;) And why not catch them at their grand opening and show some love and support? Details are as follows:

Date: 1st January 2011 (what a way to hit off the new year eh?)
Time: 11 am
Place: Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

Pretty awesome blogshops will be featured there if you ask me. :) Go check them out aight?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Classic Favorites

A Model Studio

Juwen Mesh ams 1826
Price: RM34

Classic favorites often compromises of things that retain that demure and girlish charm that attracts the female kind. A mesh dress that is not too tacky, heck we might even call this take on a mesh top classy! Mesh are those semi-transparent outfits that exudes the allure of sex appeal and that naughty tease. Be careful though, some meshes just end up becoming a mess and ends up the rear end of every joke out there! Look for a mesh top that is not too over the top and always keep it classy, like this one! :) 


Double Woot

Chanel Casual Dress

Price: RM 55

An empire waist line simple dress is always a crowd pleaser and it is such an effortless beauty! It is a good medium between the girl-next-door and that hottie next door. I mean come on, the thing about beauty is that it should never look like too much effort or too little has been spent. A good middle ground should be achieved.  The black and white with splashes of bold red is oh-so Blair Waldorf, yes? 


Glossy Amor

Juicy Couture Heart Locket Charm Bracelet

Price: RM27

Most girls I know love/like charm bracelets. Maybe it appeals to the more sentimental side of us girls. The very idea of being able to hold onto our memories and merge it with an accessory? It's a wonder why every girl hasn't have at least one of these babies already! You can get one with a Juicy Couture logo engraved onto the tiny photo frame where you can put a picture of your loved ones! C'mon, I know you want it. :)


Le Mode Masion: Petite

Sasha Tube Dress
Price: RM55

You cannot deny the hotness of a good red dress. While it cannot compete with the mystery and sophistication of a little black dress; the LBD cannot compare with the vibrant tone of a red dress and garner as much attention! Red dresses are definitely hot and sensual. At Le Mode Maison, they've now cater to petite girls too! And just look at this red dress, looking finnnee! Yes? :)


Pinky Craft

Gingerbread, Cupcakes and Doughnuts Keychain

Price: RM15

Two words: Hand-crafted, cuteness! :) You can't get hand crafted keychains with such good handicraft at this ridiculous price! It definitely helps when it looks so scrumptious and cute! Plus, if you are lucky, the girls at Pinky Craft might customize the colors for you according to your desire! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Toned Wonder


Celine Inspired Classic Box Bag
Price: RM49

Don't you just love how classic and elegant this bag looks? It looks as though it just came off the streets of the Hamptons or at least, Pavillion. ;) No one would believe the price you got it for too! This bag is suited for top-notch and high class events. I can so totally imagine this bag to be paired with a classy long gown, with carefully done makeup and a elegant up do. Yes? :)



Sex and the City

Price: RM55

Two toned dresses are so simplistic and elegant. Very much like shift dresses (except it is a bit more figure friendly), this timeless piece is suited for almost any body type! It has a very casual elegance, like an air of easy going beauty, no? :) A definite must have, and a steal with the price they are offering!


Itsy Beadsy

Korea Love

Price: RM16

If you love Korean couture, you will love the recent batch the girls at Itsy Beadsy has gotten recently! ;) Hot and fresh from Korea, these earrings will have you cry for more! And while we were at the subject of casual elegance, why not throw on some dangling earrings as well? My tip is if you have your hair up, you would want to balance your look with some dangling earring. Fashion is all about a good balance of look, fabric and color (be sure to mind your body type and skin tone too!)

Beau Sac

Pastel Chiffon Dress

Price: RM36
This dress is not so much of a black tie dress. It is more of a casual day out dress. I figured, who doesn't love a good smocked chiffon dress with some water washed like patterned bottom? It is so sweet looking and filled with innocence! You can pair it with some understated ballet flats and style your hair in a loose pony tail. It will definitely add some youthful jazz to your overall appearance! :)

Clothes For Fun


Price: RM40

If you are not really a fan of cutesy looks but more of a sophisticated soul, you can try this slightly more toned down but more sultry dress by Clothes for Fun! ;) Artistically the horizontal stripes would help tone down bustier figures and give an illusion of a slimmer figure. Since it is black and white, this is a good opportunity to sprout those whacky accessories with bright colors to add some contra to your look! :)

Neon Trees - Animal (Viral Version)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black and White

Vogue Nation

White Russian
Price: RM32

Sometimes the classic color combinations are always the way to go. This simple little number with its intricate details looks simply superb. You don't need an exuberant dress to stand out in a crowd. Sometimes an understated and humble dress like this will get you all the attention you need! ;) It helps when the price is such a steal too! 


Clothes For Fun


Price: RM 45

If you are more of a minimalistic type, you can opt for this number by Clothes for Fun. They brought back an old favorite this Christmas season. Better get your own before they sell out again! ;)


Clothes for Fun- Shoes

 Frontera Black

Price: RM160

What a way to add that edge to your look with a pair of edgy tough looking shoes! These pair of heels will sure to complete and embellish any flirty look with that extra needed edge! It has an ankle strap to give it that edgy Mary-Jane-esque innocence to balance all that edge too! :)


Hearstring Love

X-Cut Cocktail Dress

Price: RM 64

Girls with a slightly larger bust can opt for something heavily draped to tone down that voluptuous figure to suit that formal black tie event. The cross draping in this number can help you do just that but not totally tune out the sexiness! It's best to pair this dress with a dark pair of panty-hose and a pair of heels with not too much height. Remember to keep it classy! ;)


Le Mode Maison

Price: RM45

If you are looking for a classic but slightly trendy dress, you can try Le Mode Maison's Christina! With an emphasis on the waist with a black bow and interesting fabric print, it is the sheer definition of a classic with a trendy twist! Plus people won't believe the price you got it for too! It is such a steal! ;)



Ripple Work Cardigan

Price : RM 45

If you are heading to a more business like function and want to appear professional, and you want to appear professional yet stylish, you can always throw a blazer over a strapless black dress! Of course, any boring black blazer would be too blah. You can try a blazer with interesting twists like this one by Whitesoot! But do be careful that the blazer should have a nice fit to you! Blazers should not look too big or you will look too drowned and it should fit you just nicely.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to Black

Emcee Couture

Custom 13
Price: RM75

Now that is what I call graceful elegance. Toga inspired one shoulder dress in black is enough to wow the room. Throw in a elegant looking belt and you are ready to go! This dress is humble enough to decorate it with some accessories too! Keep the look simple with some understated necklace and maybe a elegant belt? 
Very much suited for a black tie event. :)


Double Woot

French Connection
Price: RM65

We are focusing very much on that formal Christmas dinner here soo, here is another option! We like the simplicity in this dress. This is very much suited for those taller girls as this is that block colors with much emphasis on the waist. It can go both ways tool, petite girls can style this dress too! But do make sure the length is right. The beauty in this dress is its perfect length. The perfect length for a classy dress is when the hem line falls perfectly on the knee! :)


Dolly Dollz

Price: RM20

The previous two dresses a little too serious for you? Try a little bit more casual with this little get up. The high waisted skirt paired with a lacey black singlet exudes a little spunk to your aura. Its best when worn by taller girls with long waist as it gives an illusion of long legs and it emphasizes your waist! ;) It's a plus when it costs about half the amount then the retail price at Cotton On! :)



Cameo (LB2039)

Price: RM55

The elegant looking bag with a light beige base and brown detailing will have you asking for more! College go-ers can opt for one of these darlings! It is so chic and classy looking, you'd be crazy to say no to it! And it cost about half of how it looks too! ;)


Clothes for Fun

Price: RM42

Sexy often times does not translate to what is shown, but what is not. A little tease here and there will keep the allure that much more higher! Pair it with a little bed head and smoky eyes, and wow girl, knock 'em out will you? :)


Anything to Shop

Crystal Clear 2

Price: RM20

Since we are at the page of classy wears, why not throw in a little accessories in it as well? When adorning for classy black tie looks, it is always best to keep accessories limited to understated ones and colors limit them to gold and silver or even gold! You want to have only one focus to your look to keep everything classy. So why not try this tasteful looking bracelet here to complete your look for that high class dinner tonight? :) 


I predict this is going to be like the Facebook of the online shopping industry! Jipaban is an online socializing shopping website designed to specially make your online shopping experience a blast!

Online retailers can sign their shops up with a small fee whereas shoppers can sign up and even customize their own malls that consists of their own shops of choice! Although it is a relatively new website, it has an overwhelming response of over 103 stores and growing!

Talk about online boutiques -screw that, it's online malls baby! ;)

Do check them out, I know I am going to!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Christmas Goodies!

Luv My Dresses

Ribby- A-028Red
Price: RM 18 (free postage)

Maybe it's the Minnie Mouse fever, but red ribbons are all too cute. :] You can wear this as one ribbon on its own or with its counterpart! It's cool for casual (though I wouldn't recommend for a formal function), it adds a youthful kick to that outfit, no? :)


A Model's Studio

Alba All Day ams 1816

Price: RM58

Long dresses always gives you that extra glamorous look to any look! Girls who have the tall enough frame to pull this dress off without looking too drowned can definitely consider this for Christmas night! And oh, it's available in 2010's it color too! What a way to end the year, no? :)



Uneven Drape

Price: RM63

Slightly more petite girls who want that long dress look can opt for another option like this! It is not as long, but be careful of the draping though! Be sure to cinch at the empire waistline to give that illusion of a tall frame.


Kizz of Goddess

 Price: RM25

Short, flirty black dress with intricate details on the side! If you are the type who likes to look a little flirty but not go all the way, try this! It is such an innocent looking dress but it has a slight sexy tang to it too! And at an amazing price too! 


Lovely Gwendolly

Miss Sassy Tube Top

Price: RM 35

With so many stunning dresses with jaw dropping prices, we have a tendency to forget our essentials. This tube top brings us back to basic. It can stand alone as a top and not be too plain because of the details in the middle, so why not do a Christina Aguilera and get back to basic? 


Twin Flames Closet

Blooming Flowers Brocade Cheongsam
Price: RM75

All in fairness, Cheongsams are gorgeous! Its something about that carefully tailored cut in all traditional outfits that appeal to me! :] I am just waiting for Kebaya and Sarees to complete that Malaysian atmosphere! So what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner Malaysian today! ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its Green Red and White

It's a little too long no? Exams were good but doing this brings me much more joy! (duh) So anyways, time flew by in a flash and its that time of that year again! Christmas, anyone? :]

The best excuse to shop, I say. 
Itsy Beadsy

Price: RM 9

Here is a piece to look at, and who doesn't love butterflies? A pair for those big earring fans out there, perfect for those dinner parties or even, a great present for your sister or friend? And at a to-die-for price too!

Bling Owl (E201)


Bling it out with these night fliers because they are bound to get you that attention in the midst of the Christmas party crowd. And hey, look at these stunners and you would have never guessed that you got it for below RM50! ;)



Grecian Playsuit

Price: RM49

Easy, breezy, beautiful! Yes, I am quoting from the ever famous words of the Cover Girl brand. This dress does you just that. That soft light pastel pink gives you that cutesy and gentle feel, giving you freedom to go crazy with accessories! ;)


Le Mode Maison

Cheong Sam
Price: RM187
Edit: Price is RM69

Time to go old school ladies because I personally think Cheong Sam is one of the most sexiest outfits anyone could wear! And that black lace, can you say yum? And the girls at Le Mode Maison took such delicate care to display it in such professional manner too! So what are you waiting for? 

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

017005: Christmas Dress

Price: RM45

I love this dress in particular because it looks so cute and bright! The main idea when dressing for a Christmas party, you should aim for a cheerful and bright dress/outfit to fit the atmosphere! And this dress does just that! ;) And at half the price you normally find at the malls too! :)

Eccentric Op.

Nicole - DO34

Price: RM99

Sexy, sultry and form fitting; just the way to go if you are heading to a bar on Christmas eve! Those daring enough should definitely get this dress! It's the classic black dress with a spin! ;)

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Update: There has been a typo on the price of the CheongSam by Le Mode Maison! Do take note! :]

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