Saturday, May 8, 2010

PJ Laugh Fest

After all, laughter is the best remedy. :) PJ Live Arts presents to you -PJ Laugh Fest. Get your hats ready, ladies and gentleman, PJ Live Arts is ready to make an everlasting impression on you and your funny bones.



PJ Laugh Fest is basically one hell of an event -one month full of laughter. Malaysia's top and the who's who in comedy and laughter spreading people gathered and aimed to spread -in the short time span of one month- as much laughter, and if possible, rupture everyone with uncontrollable laughter! (we're joking) Many shows are scheduled throughout the whole month and with different themes and different comedians! Do check their website out for the schedule! ;)



From 30th April 2010, until 30th May 2010. :)






How much?

Click to enlarge! :)


How to get?

Admissions are sold at PJLA Theater Box Office, located Ground Floor of Block K @ Jaya One (see map under where?)


Hope to see you guys there! ;) We know where we are going to be this month, do you? :D


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