Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whoa Katy!

You see, artists like Katy Perry here makes me love the entertainment industry. :] 

You've heard songs like California girls, Teenage Dreams and you would think -she is just another Hollywood artist. Well, this song proves us so wrong. :]

It's great to hear fresh songs that gives that spark of hope to people that suffer from discrimination. Two thumbs up for Katy for standing up for them! Listen to the song. It sure did give me a great motivational boost ! 

Go you, Katy! :]

Firework - Katy Perry

Do let us know what you think of the song! ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Bliss

Emcee Couture


Oh dear, with exams around the corner, I hardly had time to update at all! *yipes* Anyways, I've a little time on my plate before heading the books again. And guess what I found?

Are you an Ugly Betty TV series fan? Saw those commercials on the show? Then you will know what we are talking about! :] And we do agree with the cropped jacket bit! And leave it to the girls at Emcee Couture to take this trend and give it a classy spin! ;) We absolutely adore this jacket, so classy and elegant looking, no? Good for office, yet funky enough to style it down the streets! Only for RM47!  



Herve Leger Inspired Bodycon

Bodycons, bodycons, bodycons! For those curvalicious ladies out there seeking for some good compliments to extenuate that sultry body shape! Doublewoot has brought to us the presence of this super-di-duper classic, never out of style basic black dress with that bodycon twist! :]

 We think it's best to leave the neck area bare, (some might opt to accessorize) because well, to show off that gorgeous collar bone of course! ;) To spice this look up, look for an eye catching thick belt to draw attention to that waist! Throw on some bracelets and earrings, can you say evening glamazon? :] Only yours for RM55!


Le Mode Maison

Karyne Version

 Are you a Boho savvy like the olsen twins? Then you will so totally drool over this piece brought to you by Le Mode Maison! :]

Side note: gray is a good middle line between formal and informal. Whilst white may come off as too plain, innocent and too clean and black coming off as too edgy or in your face -gray is a great middle line, it says I'm funky enough to be on the street and demure enough to be formal! Versatility is awesome, no? Makes more out of the money spent!

That baggy loose fitting outfit gives you that earthy feel to your appearance, one that is good! :] Plus it hides those unwanted curves and bumps there, ;) Only yours for RM55!


Lovebag Lovebag

Theresa (LB2031)
A little gold here, a dash of dark navy and some beige -oh my, classy yes? :] Whether it is for office use or styling that bag down the street, this bag will do the job! Only yours for RM60!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Love is Louder

Love is Louder

Is Love really louder?

I don't know about you guys, but I am pro-peace. :] People who follow the Hollywood circuit will know that there has been a shocking increase in suicidal cases due to bullying. :[ It's come to the public attention that this has to stop.

And what has it to do with us here in MY? Well, love is the universal language that breaks all barriers. And this campaign started off by Brittany Snow is aimed to prove just that. Today, 19th October is the official launch of this campaign and people world wide is showing support to this amazing cause -because love is louder.

For more information on how to partake in this movement, visit:

Or visit give a nice comment. You will never know, you might just save a life.

Feeling down? Visit for heartwarming stories.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Featured Artist: Pop Shuvit

One of Malaysia's most iconic and possess the longest staying power -Pop Shuvit. They've established themselves as one of Malaysia's best for about 10 years now, so what's next? The Kleio has the exclusive interview with this awesome band to find out more. :]


1.       Firstly, could you guys introduce yourselves?

2.       How did you guys come up with the name ‘Pop Shuvit’?
Pop Shuvit is basically a skateboarding trick also known as a kick flip 360 where you flip the board under your feet and it does a 360 flip.

3.       How did you guys come as a band?
The band has been together for 10 years now but have known each other for more than 15 years since our high school dayz.  We each started out in the music industry with various bands and groups till we got together and started pop shuvit and have been a solid unit ever since.

4.       Who are your main music influences? Both local and international.
Our main influences are each other as we bounce of creatively from one another.  Internationally it would have to be Rage Against The Machine. 

5.       What are your thoughts on the Malaysian music scene?
It is thriving and creatively we are really peaking right now.  The quality of music has increased tenfold in the last 10 years and I’m amazed at the talent that we have in our home soil.

6.       How do you guys find inspiration in writing your songs? 
We draw inspiration from each other and what we have gone through over the years togetheras  a band and as brothers

7.       Among all the songs written, which would be your favourite? And why?
I guess a band favourite has to be Side Swipe from our sophomore album Here and Now.  It was adeparture from standard rap rock flair and lyrically it was a very personal song written about relationships.

8.       What is your most memorable performance to date?
The My chemical Romance Asian tour.  Just to have been invited by the band to perform with them was an honor and getting to play in countires we have never been to was super cool.

9.       What are you guys up to right now?
We are in the midst of finishing up our fifth studio album “CHERRY BLOSSOM LOVE AFFAIR”  this will be our most perosnal album to date.

10 Describe your first album.
Raw, energentic with a pinch of sweetness.  It was 9 years ago and we were all new to studios and songwriting.  I would say a very fun album to make.

11  How do you guys feel when you see/hear your music on air?
Even if it’s the 1,000,000th time it still puts a big smile on my face and I crank up the volume :  )

12   How do you guys deal with all the screaming girls?
We scream back at them!!!

13   What are your long term and short term goals for the band?
Well we are in the medium term of our long term plan.  Our production studio “2105 productions” is up and running.  JD runs it together with AJ and we have produced for bands like bunkface, and estranged.

14   Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years time?
At the Grammy awards accepting the award for best international act

15Some bands find it hard to live each other, if you guys were to live with each other, who would you think would have the most worse hygiene or living habits?
Well thankfully UNO got rid of the dreadlocks if not it would be him! I think we are all pretty particular about cleanliness so we should be fine but Moots always wets the bathroom!!

16   Describe your journey and how was it so far, as the ever famous, ‘Pop Shuvit’?
Living the dream and enjoying it!  The journey ahs been one big rollercoaster ride of emotions!

17   So do you guys have trouble asking a girl out?
I think we’ve all matured to the point we ourselves know what we want in a girl so yea you can say we are confident enough to go get what we want.

18   Would you ever date a fan?
We try not to but if megan fox said she was a fan how can I say no to that!

19  How are your love lives now? Update us, like who is single and who is taken?
Rudy and AJ are married.  Rudy has baby girl  Eva “shuvit” Lestrai. Moots is also engaged.  UNO and JD are still single and available!

20   Who influences your fashion?
We kinda like to wear what makes us feel comfortable not what we think is cool but the So-Cal skate scene is pretty much the major influence.  Brands like Macbeth and nike endorse us as well.

21   What is your must have in clothing?
Moots has to have his fedora hats now that his spiky days are gone and Rudy can’t rock the drums if he doenst have his new era cap on!

22   Describe your fashion style.
Urban/Street wear.

23   What do you guys do during your free time?
Sleep!!!  We spend so much time with music that sometimes its nice to just laze in bed over a DVD marathon!

24   Any tips to the budding bands hoping to make it?
Keep rocking it and don’t give up!  It took us 10 years to get where we are at now and are still sriving for more!

25  Give a shout out to your fans; what do you want to say to them?
We don’t believe in fans we belive in friends so anyone who has come up and said hi or shook our hands are considered friends so the next time you see us come up and say hi and have a chat!

Official Site:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pacman the Dancer

Presenting Pacman! Oh how I love hip-hop and this man right here, I think has just brought dance to a whole new level! And their dance videos are not just some slap-on dance videos, no -they actually carefully crafted a whole music-video-esque scene to match with it! And check them out with their robot like dance moves, they are proving that the human body knows no boundaries! ;)

Do check him out! Regardless if you are a dance enthusiast or not, you will be amazed! :O

Youtube Profile:

Dash o' Lace

A Model's Studio

Hester Panel

How is a little laced rosey bodycon skirt for you? It's sexy, fitting and oh-so alluring. :]

It's available in two different colors. Wanna show off those lush curves, aye? This would definitely do the trick! Be sure to wear the appropriate undergarments to avoid those VPL! ;) Only fr RM39!


Emcee Couture


Soft pink with a defined clinching belt, oh so sweet with a dash of modern woman, no?  

I mean, come on, who can resist the charm of the sweet young girl look? :] Only for RM49


Ellie's Charm *newbie*

Wires of Love (Heart Mesh Wires)

If there ever was a bargain hunt for accessories, first place to look is definitely Ellie's Charms! This newbie is already making storms with their stylish trinkets! And guess the price. :] It's only RM7! Steal! 


Sista Closette

Lacey High Waisted Skirt

Who doesn't love Cotton-on? Spot those waist high skirts at brand retails like Cotton on, Kitschen and Forever 21 and absolutely love them? Well look no further, because the online blogshops have gotten their hands on them -with a smaller price tag! ;)

Hell yeah, with pastel pink and edgy black lined with some lace, this skirt is far from just your old high waisted! ;) Yours for only RM43 including posting!


Playground Boutique

Sweet Love

Looking for a style that is not too provocative, not too safe and decent enough for a casual day out? Throw on this particular lacey top matched with a good pair of fitting jeans and you are ready to go! A dash of lace is always such a teaser and the right balance of sex appeal and casual wear, no? Yours for only RM39



Garden Mesh Dress

Are you a sweet, caring and nature loving chick? Dress the part too why not? Get this dress that just oozes sweet innocence for only RM46

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eric Wuest the Violinist

Just because they didn't make it to the red carpets, doesn't mean they don't have the 'Wow' power. :] Those music enthusiast out there will absolutely love this dude. He is awesome.

Viva La Vida by Coldplay - A Cover by Eric Wuest

Mr Brightside by the Killers- A Cover by Eric Wuest

Dustland Fairy Tale by the Killers -Eric Wuest

I was awe-struck when I came upon this young and talented musician. I personally think these people are the ones who deserve the spotlight. They are oh-so-wow. No? C'mon, Hollywood, step aside and let the reign of the musicians begin! ;)

Youtube Profile:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Sounds By Linkin Park

I simply love how Linkin Park seem to be able to switch and turn their sound every album, and they never fail to amaze! The angst filled band turned rock legend -Linkin Park, and their music seem to speak to everyone! Don't miss the chance to check out their new song -The Catalyst. It's sheer awesomeness. :]

Their album -A thousand Suns out now. Oh, I know what I am going to splurge on this month! ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dream Heels

So have you ever fancied yourself as a designer? So I was surfing the net the other day (this was before exams, :P) and I came across this website. And I was awed. 

I always fancied to think of myself as some sort of art fan -being that I design, although they are not very good, I still love them. I have always heard of Chuck Taylors, where graffiti artists design and air brush their amazing talent on converse -but never have I heard of designing your own heels!

And guess what, if your design is chosen, you not only get money for your efforts, you get a commission for every heel that is bought! And the heels there are to die for. Not only they are works of art, they are oh-so fashion friendly too!

-an extract from the website-

Design Your Dream Heels 

Step One- Dream up an Idea

The more original, the better! We specialize in printed pumps, but don't just think Zebra or Leopard print. Our state-of-the-art printing technology means anything goes! Think colorful designs, crazy patterns, vivid photography, whatever! If you can dream it, you can put it on your shoe.
When you've got the perfect idea, fire up your favorite graphics program (we use Adobe Illustrator) and start creating!
Step Two- Submit Your Design

Prepare your design according to the instructions on the design template and our shoe design tips.
Next, launch our 3D Shoe Viewer so you can get a better idea of what your design will look like on a real shoe. Once your files are ready, submit your work using the button at the bottom of this page

Step Three- Tell Your Friends

Once submitted, your work will enter the contest to be voted and commented on by the Dream Heels community. Be sure to tell your friends and family about your design so they can vote too!
Wth the help of the community, we'll decided which designs will become the next Dream Heels and then hand out the prizes!
Step Four- Profit

If your design is selected, you'll get:
  • $250 in cash
  • $250 in Dream Dollars (store credit)
  • $0.50 residuals for every pair of shoes sold featuring your design
    (up to 
Residuals will be paid out at the following benchmarks:
  • 1000 pairs sold = $500
  • 2000 pairs sold = $500
  • 3000 pairs sold = $500
That's $2000 in cash and prizes!
The next winner will be selected soon, so get your entries in now!
*Note: This is not a paid advertorial, its just something I thought might interest you guys. Sharing is caring! :]

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Sheer Style

Oh its been too long, no? Exams are a killer. But all is good! :] So how have you all been? Good I hope? So we have a whole bunch of awesome goodies lined up after a week of absence. Do feast your eyes on these! ;)



Little Black Dress

Like a funkified classic, this toga inspired LBD is a definitely must have! The highlights in the black draping keep the dress from being too dull, paired with the slight bubble bottom, it is a high classed dress with an edge! :] Yours for only RM 59!


Lovebag Lovebag

Magdalena (LB2028)

If you are the type that loves quirk and color, this is the bag for you! ;)

With those candy colored pink and yellow and sailor inspired blue and white strips, you almost want to jump for joy looking at these! :]
Available in both pink and red! Yours for only RM55!


Itsy Beadsy

N132 Love Letter

Itsy beadsy is so like the online version of Diva. :] We absolutely adore the quaint and delicate looking necklace! :] Yours for only RM22



Irish Maxi

Fan of maxi dresses? If you like 'em straight, long (of course) and elegant, this is the maxi for you!

The black colored one is especially effective in creating a long lean silhouette. 

Beige exudes that effortless class, letting your natural beauty shine through. :] Fallen in love with it yet? Only for RM59


Le Mode Maison

Doreen Maxi

If you like your maxi to be a bit more textured, then Le Mode Maison has got the maxi for you! ;)

Very similar, but with a little twist at the empire waist! Emphasizing your bust line! ;) For only RM45


Made Moiselle


There is nothing quite like a sweet tiered white dress to start off that bright sunny day!

There are options like gray, white and pink! With a plain-but-not-so-plain dress like this, you can definitely pull a Nichole Ritchie and go nuts with those accessories! Think bright and bold accessories! Maybe some bug-eyed sunnies? :] Only for RM42!


A Model Studio

Quinn Drape ams1534

Oh how we love sheer simplicity with a punch! :] Slightly structured and great draping, to show off that awesome bust line and simplistic and effortless beauty! We love! Only for RM46

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