Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Street Chic

Let's face it, no matter how much we fantasize the life of the rich and famous (especially with all those reality TV shows in E! nowadays; Kimora Life in the Fab Lane, Keeping Up with the Kardashians), the moment we switch off the TV -its back to good old reality for us. Most of us can't afford to splurge a couple of thousand on clothes -no matter how gorgeous they are.

Our fantasies and dreams are then shattered as we struggled to move on. But hey, don't fret just yet! The depths of our pockets shouldn't be a limiting factor to how we look! Online shops are the best place to hunt for great bargains at a pleasing price! So here is for all those fashionistas on a budget; Budget Finds -Under Rm50!


The Clothes Couture


This piece is unbelievably pretty and not to mention demure. The laces and soft look of the dress makes it suitable for formal and street wear! It is perfect for a day out in a mall, a date with that certain cutie you've been eying for a while or even a day out! It is available in two colours, black and white.

And wait till you hear the price - RM28

If this isn't a great find, I don't know what is. :)


A Model Studio

Nautical Arms 1463

The latest trend in Fashion wear now is stripes. This look is hard to pull of for those bustier chicks out there, but if executed well, stripes are drop dead gorgeous. A perfect example demonstrated by this piece here, Nautical by A Model Studio.

The piece comes with a clincher too, to complete that oh-so Manhattan chic look. It may be a little too dressy for office wear, but you can so rock this look on the street or in the mall. A definite thumbs up from us here at Kleio!

Only RM44!


Clothes Bucket


Don't be fooled by its simple design and sheer modesty of this piece! This piece, Stella by Clothes Bucket is perfect for those days when you feel conscious of yourself. It hides the curves you want to be hidden, without covering up too much and can be still deemed as sexy!

The versatility of this piece was what caught our attention. People at clothes bucket are sure creative when it comes to different looks with just one piece! We like it! It screams, 'I am modest, yet gorgeous.'

Only at RM40!


Honestly, you really don't need to be rich to look beautiful. Its what we call, Fashion with a Budget. :)


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