Monday, August 30, 2010

Print It Up!

Playground Boutique

Stripe for Fashionista
Be it floral, polka dots or heck, even animal prints - Prints are in this season! And its time to flaunt those pretty prints girls, because boy, these printed dresses are to die for!

Are you a Zebra, or a stripe?
Close up on these pretties. 
A little goth yet with a dash of Asian quirk in these. I think it's pretty awesome. :] Only for RM39!



Funky Romper with Zipper

Indeed, funky. :]
Love them, hate them -they are a budding trend this season, brimming on the tip of exploding into the latest trend. It's a frequent spot this fashion season, from the runway to the streets. You can say goodbye to the old florals, because I've a feeling you've met your maker -if you are not careful ;) .

Zebra chic?

Or Polka Dotted Frenzy?
Be the first to be spotted with this trend! Only for RM 43!


Le Closette

Zebra Flats

*Squeals!* Gorgeous! 
Prints, we can't get enough of them can we? If you are not a fan of wearing them on your shirts or skirts, wear them on your feet! These flats are glam-oh-rous! And its only RM35! Steal!


Emcee Couture


Corsets are oh-so smexayh. 
Emcee couture are going one size smaller! Great news for those petites having a hard time to find a small enough outfit to fit that teeny frame! And oh-la-la, corsets we see.

Beautiful in Blue? :]
And heck, if you think corsets are oh-too racy for you, try these looks that Emcee Couture has laid out for you guys!

Tone it down with a Cardigan.

Funk it up with a shirt.
Either way, you really can't go wrong with these. Only for RM33!


A Model's Studio

Jonnie Chic ams 1675

Going plain Jane?
If you had quite enough with prints, you can try this on for size. It's those kind of modern dresses, body hugging and oh-so glamourfied. Go nuts with them accessories gals, but not too nuts. ;)

Mysterious in Black?
A little too plain for your taste? 

Think again. 
It's all in the element of surprise girls. Of all fashion statement Lady Gaga has made, I agree with one of hers the most -always keep 'em guessing. Only for RM 46!  


Korean Small Cottage

Trendy Korea Jacket

Prints a little too funky for work? Professionalize it up with a neutral toned jacket. 

More of a blazer really, but hey, whatever you call it, just so as long as it fits and looks good, aye? Only for RM44

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend at the Hampton's

It's the lifestyles of the rich and the famous yo! ;) Time to indulge ladies, look at these pretties that just oozes luxury!


Catch Collection

Very Wilhelmina, yes? If you are a little busty and wish to tone down, this is the dress for you! The baggy top tones down and slims down your figure and gives you that oh-so elegant look! Only for RM55!


This dress brings me back to those times where I used to be so obsessed with ballerina skirts! Although I don't take ballet myself, I totally adore those costumes they wear on stage! It looks so elegant! This dress translate perfectly from the stage to the streets! Awesome, aye? Only for RM45!



Mysterious in Black
Classic, the perfect silhouette dress and ever chic. :]

Stand out in Purple
 It shows your figure at the right curve and has the right length for a black tie event! Ever so classic and demure, no? Yours for only RM 52 with free postage!


Le Mode Maison

Deborah Bodycon High Waisted Skirt

Whoa, this skirt is oh-so smokin'. :] It's bodycon so it extenuates your hips giving your look a J-Lo umph to it. Oh-la-la!

What can I say, we love this skirt! And we love the price even more! It's topshop inspired mind you! ;) Only for RM46!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shopaholic's Den

If you are a true-blue online shopper, you would have heard of this blog shop reviewer - A Shopaholic's Den.  A Shopaholic's Den is the pioneer blog shop review site and has sparked a trend in the online shop blogosphere. So now we see the woman behind the screen, and see how it all began.


1.       What made you want to start a review blog shop, when so many others are having their own blog shops?
I started off as a shopper initially and I realised that there were too many updates from too many blogshops. There was no one place that grouped all the updates together, which resulted in missing out on a lot of great deals by blogshops. I then decided to start a blog (back then) that focused on only the updates from various blogshops in Malaysia! It turned out to be a big hit and it has been 2 years since. I have big plans for ASD and the Malaysian online shopping scene *grins*

2.       How did you come up with the name?
The name came about when I decided to have a place where all shopaholics can gather and get the latest updates and news about the blogshops in Malaysia

Yien Yee, the writer of A Shopaholic's Den

3.       When you started off, did you have any idea that it would reach such a large audience?
To be honest, no. I had no idea back then how big the industry was or how many blogshops/shoppers there were!

4.       How frequent do you update?
At least once a day

5.       How do you find time to juggle managing the blog and your life? College and work and stuff?
I currently have a full time job, ASD is my part time hobby. It’s not easy to juggle the time as I often get rather tired from my job. But I always put aside some time at the end of my day to work on ASD because I believe there is much to explore in this area and that sharing great news (shopping updates!) is caring.

6.       Are your family supportive in this?
Yes, they are

7.       How was planning a bazaar like?
Stressful, hectic and definitely not as fun as it sounds like as its being in the middle to deal with vendors, trying to get as many shoppers to drop by as possible, negotiating for the venue and making it a success. But I have to say, despite the sleepless nights, difficulties and crazy moments, to see a bazaar unfold at the end of it all is great satisfaction

8.       What are your future aspirations for the blog? Do you hope to expand into something bigger?
Yes I do. As a matter of fact, ASD is currently in the process of upgrading to ASD v3.0 for its 2nd anniversary this year. Myself and new partners are looking forward to see it unfold so that we can have a site that covers more on the online shopping scene and also a more interactive and user friendly site as we are looking into tapping into a new market and getting more people aware about online shopping

9.       Do you have anything special to say to your blog followers who have been avidly checking
I would personally like to thank all of my blog followers, weather the blogshops or shoppers because you guys have been great in offering feedback, suggestions, helping me improve and also attending the bazaars that I have organized or been a part of. Look out for the new upgrade by ASD real soon. Can’t wait to share it with you guys!

For more fashion blogshop updates! Do check out: 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Shorts!

Itsy Beadsy

Filigree Bangle

Clean cut and adorned with those intricate metal wrought details, what a piece! It looks very old age valuable no? Don't worry, it costs way less then how much it looks, it's only RM 23! ;)


Sista Closette

Lace High Waist Cincher
High fashion or street chic, the looks you can style with these belts are countless. And it brings attention to that tiny waist and oozes that 'I'm fashionable' appeal. :)

A closer look and you can see that more work has been done on these. A gentle touch of lace, giving it a more feminine taste and oh-la-la -who says you can't look too feminine? Smexayh, yes? Only RM27


Miss Shopaholic's Closet

016010: Military Shorts
Yes Sir! Time to go a little androgynous soldiers! These cute little shorts are stylish with an edge! With a stellar price of only RM 27 too! *smack* Awesome. :]



Bubbly Peplum Shorts

Having problem finding shorts because you have a flat butt? Fret no! It's Modello to the rescue! ;)

These babies help those who lack volume on the bottom add some! Because its a bubble short, it gives a stronger illusion of a more bouncy bottom! And its only RM46

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh So 21st Century!

All The Things You Must Have

Strappy Handbag ALT08

Monochromes are wayyy modern, it gives that understated but in-your-face-I'm-mod look! In this case, its has a subtle monochrome feel to it! Which makes it more subtle for those who want that modern look, but is not willing to go all the way!

Such a cute little bag no? You can even use it as a clutch if you tuck the gold chains in! Mad awesome! :) And guess what, its a total steal! RM 15!


Clothes For Fun

If you have the figure to rock that high waisted look, try this little number right here! ;)

Not your contrary high waisted, this has a flare to it. A little spunk you may say, Oh-la-la! :D

It looks mad awesome black too! Shows off that flattering curves and suitable for those with a flatter behind, because the layering would help give you that volume. For those chicas with a little too much volume, hey, it can help you tone it down a notch too!

We absolutely love! And its only RM 42! Hurry get your own before they sell out!


The October

Candy Floss
What we love? The rock star feel of this outfit. If you are a total Twilight or even Kirsten Stewart fan, you should opt this look for a night in the club. Do a little tease for that Kirsten bed-head look, and hey, hot stuff! :)

Its only RM50! And its not restock-able so hurry!


Emcee Couture

Best Sellers

If you missed out on your chance to grab these awesome numbers, you better grab it now! Emcee Couture is being oh-so awesome by remaking them for us! Hurry before 31st August!


Peep Boutique

How's a little bikini for ya?

You will totally be spoiled with choices here! With so many fun colors and designs available, you won't know which to choose!
Those bright summer colors are really something, eh? :) Its only RM45 for quality bikini! C'mon girls! The sun and sand awaits with these!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Budget Glamor Under RM50!

Playground Boutique

Snow White
Who says only innocent is not sexy? ;)
Though it might seem as your ordinary white tube dress, it's totally up to your imagination to spruce it up! Those floral eyelets are a touch of elegance and demure, no? ;)

A jacket to emphasize that gorgeous womanly shape?

A total to-die for dress, :) And it is only RM 39!


Le Mode Maison

June Floral
Spring is over but this trend isn't! :) We like versatility, and this dress definitely has it!

Pair it up with a pencil skirt,

Or even wear it with a jacket or as a dress! Go nuts with the floral prints! Embrace mother nature we say! :) Only for RM39!


LoveBag LoveBag

Gweyn (LB2022)

Posh indulgence should be the theme of this bag! While it looks like it could be a product of those awesome brands like Prada or even Fendi, it costs WAY less. :)
It comes in such delish colors too! In warm beige and soft pink, both making the bag look oh-so upper class, no? Those gold embellishments helps too! And guess what, its only a little beyond the 50 bench mark, RM 52! Totally a must buy.


Clothes Bucket


What we love? The sheer drama in this dress. :)

There is that large bow, orange amidst the gorgeous floral prints,

And ta-dah! That dramatic folded/wide spread dress draping over it! What is not to love? And ha! It's only RM50!


A Model Studio

Lena Crochet ams 1655
We like plain with a little embellishments. :) Classy yet not boring.

You can wear it as a dress,
Or as a top. And look at the back of this piece! Can you say, Whoa! Intricate details and careful handy craft on the makers part, showing off that healthy skin -must have! Only for RM 43!

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