Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yorkshire Love Aye?

Britain isn't known as one of the world's top fashion destination for nothing. Think top hats, chic business wears, clean cuts and high fashion; think of the London bridge and the guards with top hats, heck think of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Harry!

What is not to love about the Yorkshire couture aye? The fashion there is simply to die for!


Clothes for Fun

The Union Jack, clean cut, adorned with gold chains -it just oozes that Britain class and timeless edge. We love this bag, especially in white. Can you say, Yorkshire aye?

Heck, its available in Black, White and Red. All with its own perks and spark. And guess what, pinning some buttons on it helps personalize it! Add a little you in that twist of Yorkshire love!

Amazing no? Grab yours because we predict that this will be a total sellout! For only RM 68! Amazing! :)


Le Mode Maison

Tasha Blazer
Nothing screams Yorkshire couture like a good old fitting blazer like this! Its practical, good for office and street wear! It has that Alpha woman kind of feel, no?

Its business with a fashion edge ladies! And its unbelievably cheap too! When its worth well over hundreds in the retail shops, you can only get it for RM45! ;)


Miss n' Misses

Deep V-Dress
Very Whilhelmina-esque no?

Back when Ugly Betty aired, though we loathed the antagonist of the show -Whilhelmina Slater. We cannot deny that she is oh-so fashion savvy. She is always known for that clean cut fashion and good taste.

Want to look the part too? Get her most signature piece! The Deep V-Neck! ;)

Just make sure you don't start making a Queensland girl feel threatened and everyone else cower in your presence -bedazzle them instead. Hehe. :) For only RM52!


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