Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beauty in Simplicity

Sometimes to really shine, opt for the simple things. Remember, less is more. When it comes to garments, there is a really thin line between simple and boring. You just need to remember to add one contrasting piece, a focus if you may to your outfit. Check out these few pieces, simple but drop-dead gorgeous.


Floral Wavy ams1497

This reminds us of the piece that can be found in Cotton-on. Cute no? Talk about an edge in the floral trend. Its sweet and short, it practically screams fun in the sun.

You can spruce it up with a thick belt that cinches the waist and pair it with colorful flats. And hey, you will be sure to feel young and fresh and ready to take the world!

Yours for only RM 44! Get yours before they are gone!


Embellished Helen of Troy

Wowza! Talk about exotic! We like this piece simply because its so eye catching. And the amazing thing is that it is so understated. That gold neckline is to die for. No?

Available in electric blue too.

Check that out. Its perfect for that dinner party. It totally brings out the inner Egyptian princess in you. Yours for only RM39! Totally a steal. :)


Jaeda Shorts

Every girl needs a pair of shorts, thats for certain. What with the gruesomely hot Malaysian weather, they are a must! So that's why a pair of cute shorts are practically essentials to a chic Malaysian girl! ;)

With a cute little bow to add to its quirky-ness, and looking slightly like a pair of understated bubble shorts -rest assured this pants is awesome and to die for.
Yours for only RM39! And they are selling out fast! Hurry and get your pair!


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