Sunday, August 15, 2010


As girls and fashionista's, we have a long list of must haves and the ever important list of essentials. When fashion trends move like wind, but the essentials are well, essentials and are basics to a wardrobe!


Vock Fashion

09231 White
We have our LBDs for the night event, and we have our LWDs for our more casual events. Be it a Sunday morning church trip or a visit to the Grandparents, its so sweet and demure looking. You really don't need much thought when pulling this off. A handy essential and effortlessly beautiful. :)

Only for RM45!


Peep Boutique

Dip Dye
A handy maxi dress is always good to have. Particularly a fun and brightly colored one like this! But be warned though, make sure you have the height to wear this dress, or it might wear you instead of you wearing it! ;)
Perfect for a sunny day out, no? Only for RM 59!


Mocha Latte Chicks


Personally I feel a good checkered shirt is always good to have. You just need to make sure the color combination is right and the fitting is good. I think its quirky and fashionable at the same time. For only RM18 - RM35!


Vogue Nation

Bon Soir
Of course when we mentioned the LWD, do you think we could go without the LBD? Audrey Hepburn would be appalled if we didn't. :)
You should always look for something that is understated, mysterious and sexy. Those things always make an awesome LBD! For only RM42 at Vogue Nation! ;)


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