Monday, August 9, 2010

Perry Fever!

So for all those who went for MTV World Stage must still be recovering from the ever contagious Perry Fever! Quaint, perky, bright and bubbly is the ever lovable Katy Perry. And we absolutely love her young and fresh fashion sense! So for those Katy fans out there, check these bargains you can get so you can look like the ever awesome, Katy Perry!

The October

The Living Doll
We can so totally imagine Katy in this adorable candy colored skirt! Its short, its fresh and its fun! We suggest this in Peach as it looks so yummy! Can you say, California girls? And its only for a shocking price of RM 45! Get yours before it sells out!


Peep Boutique

Malibu Barbie Collection Part 2

Bright and fun is what we thought of when we saw this piece. And look at the following picture, it screams Katy Perry and her vintage hair with fun clothes!

How can you not love this piece?

Smexayh and fun, and cheap too! Its only RM49!



Though Katy hardly is the type to be seen in black and white. Color aside, the quaintly and vintage essence just oozes the pop star's sex appeal!

That satin that cinches the waist, giving an illusion of a tiny and firm waist. Ooh-la-la! We like. :)
And a bow behind, criss-crossing to show a bit a skin. What is not to love about this piece? Only for RM 50!


Itsy Beadsy

Fun to Wear, N121
Of course, dresses and skirts aside, Katy is rather known for her quaintly taste in accessories too! She is known to be wearing bombastic gold starfish earrings, strawberry rings and other yummy but uncommon accessories. So why not opt for something different too?
I love the light bulb, plus this is actually a light bulb that functions! For an outstanding price of RM 19! You can't get any lower than that. Sheer fabulousity -as the R & B fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons would say! :)


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