Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top Ten Fashion Don'ts

Fashion trends come and go. Some trends and some styles are meant to never come and never be seen. Some trends are just so horrendous, but were so spur of the moment, people can’t help but fall into the circle of convicted fashion victims.


10. Unnaturally Coloured Hair

We’re not talking about black hair dyed brown or slightly bleached blonde. We are talking about blue, purple, pink and rainbow all over. I mean, personally I don’t mind crazy coloured hair –on a temporary basis.

Blue and purple coloured hair on your head, when you know it’s not possible that its natural- is sending a wrong message to the public. When people see weird coloured hair, two thoughts come in mind –they are looking for trouble, or they are circus performers lost on the way to the tent.

It also pinpoints your age. It is inappropriate for office wear too. Rainbow coloured hair screams sixteen year old kid, no? Fashion is a form of self expression, yes. But it is supposed to flatter you too and enhance your beauty, not distract it with weird looking colours. Who is going to look at that pretty face when everyone is busy wondering what were you thinking when you dyed your hair that shocking shade of color?


9. Clothes that don’t fit

When you see every single curve –including the unflattering ones – and the seams bursting slightly, it doesn’t fit. You may be dying to fit into those size 4 jeans after weeks of intensive diet and is desperate to do so. But if you force yourself, not only you are putting yourself through torture, you are also letting everyone notice that you are most definitely not a size 4.

And when clothes are one or two sizes two small, you get a phenomenon we all call –muffin tops. Not flattering at all. We want to draw attention to the right curves, not all of them.


8. Shimmer in the Day Light

Whoa there, what message are you trying to send? A little shimmer at night for that extra little bedazzle for the club is fine, but its best that you keep the shimmer off in broad day light –in both make up and clothing. If not, people might think you are of the other profession and it might lead to some awkward conversations later on.


7. Too Much Skin!

Frequent readers of Kleio would know that we are not a fan of the overexposure trend. Hot pants that shows the cheeks of your bottoms, tops that shows the twins and etc – we are not a fan. We believe that true sexiness lies in the mystery and the allure of both physical and mental plus points. If you are going for a denim mini, opt for a covered top; if you are going for a plunging neckline top, make sure it’s a long sleeved top. It’s all in the balance of things.

It’s not really about being conservative, but keeping your value as a woman. We don’t want to give the guys everything we’ve got just yet, do we? Overdoing sexy is never a good thing. Instead of sexy, people might just call you cheap. And we definitely don’t want that!


6. Brightly Coloured Leggings

Let me share a story with you guys. One day I was hanging out in the mall with some friends, until I nearly choked on my drink when I saw a girl pass by. The reason? She was wearing yellow leggings and here I thought her legs were just yellow.

Fashion is supposed to be a show stopper, in a good way. Don’t make people choke on their drinks for the wrong reasons.


5. Pattern Mania

I would normally advice people to go on moderate. If you are wearing a printed top, opt for a plain pair of slacks. If you appear with a checker-ed top and a flowered skirt (mind you, both of them are in trend) you will look like Ho-Bo the clown instead of Sarah Jessica Parker. Too much of a good thing will turn sour!


4. Ms. Match-a-Lot

Its good to have quirky match ups. Don’t go crazy with the pair ups (same shade of blue glasses, slippers and top). You want to tell the public that you are an effortless beauty and that the matching was just-so-happen. You could even match two things that are not similar, but go well together! Be smart and experiment. And this includes matching with your friends, and boyfriends. Be an individual babe, because you are so totally worth more than just another half! ;)


3. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

If you watch enough fashion related shows and fashion blogs, you will have guessed that this will come up soon enough. Underwear is supposed to be as such, underwear. We don’t want to see what is underneath that shirt or pants, sorry. Peek-a-boo thongs, see-through shirts and low riding jeans –we will pass. J Fashion is classy, keep it as such.


2. Skirts with Legging/Jeans

I’m really sorry to those who are a fan of this trend, but I personally feel that this trend should never ever resurface, nor should it even come up in the first place. When fashion designer Vera Wang said that the trick is in the layering, I am pretty sure she didn’t mean this. I’m sorry, but when I see people in these –I think childish or tacky.


And The Kleio’s top pet peeve in Fashion is….

1. Asians trying to look like Westerners, vice versa

Well, personally I feel that you should be proud of your own identity. It is totally okay to admire other ethnics looks and maybe even their clothing –it’s a totally another thing when you try to be them. I mean, our facial structure and body size is built so differently from the westerners. Asians are more petite and delicate in features when the westerners are more tall and bold.

Both are awesome in their own ways. They are embracing their style (most of them) so why don’t we? Don’t put on false lashes because they are doing it. If you are complaining that most magazines these days are using Caucasian models as make up tutorials models, find your own way. Enhance your beauty, not follow others.

Fashion Plus:

Adding your own style in every trend, don’t be a trend follower like everyone else. Wear that fedora a different way when everyone is wearing it tilted. If everyone is opting for the baggy shirt trend, jazz it up with your favourite accessory or accentuate your waist with a funky belt. Anything that is out of the ordinary that makes a fashion trend your trend, is definitely a plus. Self expression – we like to call it.

P.s. The Kleio does not own any of these pictures, everything is googled. If you feel any of these are inappropriate, do let us know!


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