Monday, August 16, 2010

Being Special

While we want to fit in, ironically we want to stand out too -in a good way of course. Some relay it through their personalities, others through fashion. And of course, our wardrobe is one of the easiest way out. No? :)


Vock Fashion

Oriental Bliss
Nothing beats jewelry like the real thing. ;) That special glint and extra spark just attracts attention and exudes that additional air of glamor -especially pearls. You can only get them at RM 43 at Vock Fashion for such a darling pair! ;)


Playground Boutique

Two Tones Dress
Well, E! News has dubbed the tie dye trend a fashion no-no. But I think this is an absolute exception. It's not an explosion of colors, but a simple two toned one.

Playful, simple and sweet, for only RM29! I think this is a total steal! ;)

P.s. Playground Boutique is having their CRAZY SALE starting today (16th August 2010). So scoot on over there and get a piece of the crazy sale action! ;)


Sista Closette

White Buttons High Waist Shorts
High waisted shorts are the total must haves! Since the vintage trend came back, high waisted anythings are just the it items! Especially ones that are so darling like these pair! ;)

It's very MnG inspired, these pair. :) When they might cost well over the three figures in the MnG retail store, you can only get it for RM44!

A Model Studio

Noelle Toga ams 1654
Togas are simplistic and elegant. The one side shoulder trend is slowly creeping into the red carpet trend -being spotted on the glamorous faces of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian to just name a few.

Now, you can emulate their style with this one shouldered piece! And guess what, it will only cost one fraction of what they paid for! ;) Only RM 39!


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