Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Budget Glamor Under RM50!

Playground Boutique

Snow White
Who says only innocent is not sexy? ;)
Though it might seem as your ordinary white tube dress, it's totally up to your imagination to spruce it up! Those floral eyelets are a touch of elegance and demure, no? ;)

A jacket to emphasize that gorgeous womanly shape?

A total to-die for dress, :) And it is only RM 39!


Le Mode Maison

June Floral
Spring is over but this trend isn't! :) We like versatility, and this dress definitely has it!

Pair it up with a pencil skirt,

Or even wear it with a jacket or as a dress! Go nuts with the floral prints! Embrace mother nature we say! :) Only for RM39!


LoveBag LoveBag

Gweyn (LB2022)

Posh indulgence should be the theme of this bag! While it looks like it could be a product of those awesome brands like Prada or even Fendi, it costs WAY less. :)
It comes in such delish colors too! In warm beige and soft pink, both making the bag look oh-so upper class, no? Those gold embellishments helps too! And guess what, its only a little beyond the 50 bench mark, RM 52! Totally a must buy.


Clothes Bucket


What we love? The sheer drama in this dress. :)

There is that large bow, orange amidst the gorgeous floral prints,

And ta-dah! That dramatic folded/wide spread dress draping over it! What is not to love? And ha! It's only RM50!


A Model Studio

Lena Crochet ams 1655
We like plain with a little embellishments. :) Classy yet not boring.

You can wear it as a dress,
Or as a top. And look at the back of this piece! Can you say, Whoa! Intricate details and careful handy craft on the makers part, showing off that healthy skin -must have! Only for RM 43!


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