Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All the Single Ladies!

Itsy Beadsy

Bib Me
These wonder necklaces are made from Acrylic beads and black ribbons, very modern, no? Yet it has that Cleopatra-esque inspired look. Blast from the past or far into the future? It really depends what you wear it with! ;)

For only RM20!


Peep Boutique

Pop's Knit Ring
Talk about homey and approachable! These rings are too cute, no? :)
They come in so many designs too, AND they are hand made. You can hardly get anyone to do this for your anywhere, way better more approachable than some cold stone, no? :)
Match it up with a maxi dress and a cute sun dress, and oh my, babe by the summer beach side? One for RM12 and 3 for RM30! Steal! ;)


Clothes Bucket

Loved that demure little old piece at Clothes Bucket but it's all sold out? Don't fret, they've restocked! And oh my, do we love. :)

Those intricate details and butterfly sleeves, sexy but reserved. And that airy skirt gives the whole look a carefree lift and demure presence. Hurry and get your piece before it sells out again! For only RM43! ;)

Journey Trend Boutique *newcomer*

Don't be fooled by the barbie picture, its a real top! ;) Plain yet it classic, those bedazzled halter tops are like a girls must have! Get yours now, at only RM20! ;)



X-Back Sequin DressTalk about smexayh smoldering hot. ;)

With that little glint and bedazzle to that LBD, you don't have to worry about being too plain. That sparkle will sure to make you the center of the attention in that party of the year! ;-)

Not only in basic black, there is that innocent baby blue too. :)

What about cherry pink? Sweet. :)

For only RM59!


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