Monday, August 30, 2010

Print It Up!

Playground Boutique

Stripe for Fashionista
Be it floral, polka dots or heck, even animal prints - Prints are in this season! And its time to flaunt those pretty prints girls, because boy, these printed dresses are to die for!

Are you a Zebra, or a stripe?
Close up on these pretties. 
A little goth yet with a dash of Asian quirk in these. I think it's pretty awesome. :] Only for RM39!



Funky Romper with Zipper

Indeed, funky. :]
Love them, hate them -they are a budding trend this season, brimming on the tip of exploding into the latest trend. It's a frequent spot this fashion season, from the runway to the streets. You can say goodbye to the old florals, because I've a feeling you've met your maker -if you are not careful ;) .

Zebra chic?

Or Polka Dotted Frenzy?
Be the first to be spotted with this trend! Only for RM 43!


Le Closette

Zebra Flats

*Squeals!* Gorgeous! 
Prints, we can't get enough of them can we? If you are not a fan of wearing them on your shirts or skirts, wear them on your feet! These flats are glam-oh-rous! And its only RM35! Steal!


Emcee Couture


Corsets are oh-so smexayh. 
Emcee couture are going one size smaller! Great news for those petites having a hard time to find a small enough outfit to fit that teeny frame! And oh-la-la, corsets we see.

Beautiful in Blue? :]
And heck, if you think corsets are oh-too racy for you, try these looks that Emcee Couture has laid out for you guys!

Tone it down with a Cardigan.

Funk it up with a shirt.
Either way, you really can't go wrong with these. Only for RM33!


A Model's Studio

Jonnie Chic ams 1675

Going plain Jane?
If you had quite enough with prints, you can try this on for size. It's those kind of modern dresses, body hugging and oh-so glamourfied. Go nuts with them accessories gals, but not too nuts. ;)

Mysterious in Black?
A little too plain for your taste? 

Think again. 
It's all in the element of surprise girls. Of all fashion statement Lady Gaga has made, I agree with one of hers the most -always keep 'em guessing. Only for RM 46!  


Korean Small Cottage

Trendy Korea Jacket

Prints a little too funky for work? Professionalize it up with a neutral toned jacket. 

More of a blazer really, but hey, whatever you call it, just so as long as it fits and looks good, aye? Only for RM44


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