Friday, August 13, 2010

Everything Quaint and Eye Catching!

Itsy Beadsy

Fluff Feathers

Those bright colors and in your face feathers! Whats a bling if people can't notice it, aye? :)

It comes in so many colors too! From baby blue to sweet pink and soft purple. Oh my, talk about being spoiled with choices!
Not a color fan? Try these monochrome colors then -basic black and innocent white. Simply delish! :) And guess what? It's only RM 18! :D


Le Mode Maison

Amanda Blazer
Okay I do admit, I do love a good blazer. If its fitting and the cutting is great, who doesn't love it aye? Its versatile too! From the streets to the office, what can I say, I'm a girl on the go! ;)

And it comes in edgy black and stylo' gray too!
Grab yours, for only RM 40!


Miss Shopaholic's Closet

Tiny Flower Dress with Cardi

I think this is simply divine. :)

It looks so sweet, special for that first casual day out date, no? It looks very Gabrielle Montez -esque in High School Musical 3! (Sue me for embracing my inner child, ;) ) Inclusive of the Cardigan, you can get it for RM39!

Such a steal. :)


Playground Boutique

High Waist Bow Bow Skirt
How's going a little vintage for you? :)

I think this is sort of going old school with an edge. Its so cute!
With that electric blue, white and black -in my opinion, your basic choices for skirts, definitely a must have - You really just can't go wrong. ;) Just for only RM49!


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