Sunday, September 19, 2010


If you are digging the recent updates on the New York Fashion weeks, you should love the latest updates on blog-shopping goodies! We've picked out a couple of outfits that are similar to the pieces we see on the runways  of New York, except just a fraction of the price!

Now we've talked about Ruffian's preference to V neck dresses, is it an upcoming trend?

Double Woot

V Diva

Spotted at Double Woot, a gorgeous V neck with a bold twist! Empire waist line emphasized with a contrasting belt, a great way to show off that slim figure!

Gray, navy, black, you can choose between these elusive colors! And guess what? Its only RM50! With the belt included! Steal or what? 



The Olsens

Another V neck! But with a maxi dress flair. Fans of the Olsen Twins and their Bo-ho taste in fashion will adore this piece!

Match it with a thin belt or a thick one, you'd still shine like a Greek goddess. Available in both Black and White. So which one are you? Sweet Ashley or edgy Mary Kate? Only for RM69!



Belt with Brooch

You are definitely going to need a cool belt to match those V necks. And since both dresses reviewed are plain colored, why not go bold with a little embellishments?

So what do you think? Only for RM23


White is definitely one of those colors that never goes out of season! Check out these couple of white wonders!

Button and Co. *newbie*


How's about a cool white corset? And those delish looking eyelets adds that little detail that makes all the difference! Oh so sexy. :]

A closer look and oh-wow, it is well made! ;) Pair it with a cropped jacket, a cool pair of jeans and sun glasses, sexy yes? Only for RM 41!


A Model Studio

Eyelet Scallop Top ams 1652

Simple, yet intricate with those darling eyelets. :] Oh how do they do it?

Sweet looking dress! Yes? And what a steal, it is only RM 44! Pair it with a pair of gorgeous black or brown gladiators, matching bag and a pair of fierce sunnies, and baby you are ready for a day out in the sun!


Itsy Beadsy

Rose Garden

Since we are on the topic of looking oh-so sweet, why not throw in this cute looking rings!

A little gothish flair to it, but not enough to over power the femininity of the rose! Roses are just so romantic, no? :]

Fallen in love with them yet? Only for RM27!


Emcee Couture


One thing we also noticed in the Ruffian line, they put a lot of emphasis on the waist line. Be it V neck, the empire waist line, it all draws attention to the waist. Precisely why Emcee Couture has once again hit the right target with this little number here. 

Plus we are digging that edgy floral print there! ;) Only for RM38!

P.s. they are having a real cool competition going on! Check it out! Click here!


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