Friday, September 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2011

What is New York Fashion Week you ask? Why, its something like the BIGGEST event in the fashion industry. :] 

Fashion addicts will surely know that lately the New York Fashion Week has just come and almost gone. And my are the designers taking out the big guns this spring. With so many trends to spot and the stars to dazzle, you'd definitely be shot head over heels with those darling haute couture, no? 

For those of us too busy to leave studies and work and unable to jet set glamorously across the seas to watch the fashion show unravel live before our very eyes, there is always the internet. :] This year New York Fashion Week changed venue into the state of the art Lincoln Center Damrosch Park and hosted by the ever glamorous Mercedes Benz. Who says the old Merc can only rock those four wheels aye? 

From today onwards, Kleio will have daily updates on designers must watch. And perhaps, you might spot some trends yourself, aye? :]

Pictures will be taken from: and other sources from Google. :]


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