Sunday, September 19, 2010

NY Spring 2011: Farah Angsana

The designer with a Thai-Asian flair, Farah Angsana. And also designer of one of my favorite lines yet. She mixes western and eastern culture and gets a whole line with a lot of flavor! In general, she seems to favor the jewel tones and the gold color. She also puts a whole lot of emphasis on the right fit of the dress. And I simply love the Thai flair to the whole look! Brief biography here.

Gotta love that emerald green. 
It is your typical dress, but we are impressed with the choice of fabric! A nice structured top and a nicer flowy dress. It gives the illusion of an eastern goddess! Like you are walking on air, yes?

How about turquoise blue?
The typical sexy short dress with that darling turquoise. It is perfect for that hot date you've been looking forward too, yes? Plus this dress works perfectly to show off that sexy legs.

Pale gold works good on fair skin. With a nice corset on the top and embellished bottom, it exudes that delicate femininity, yes? 

Like eastern flavored smexyh. 
Somehow, this looks a little Malay to me, no? That dress has that Ketupat patterned thing going on! The epitome of east meets west and ends up with the best! ;) Oh I just rhymed. Hehe.

Very Grecian goddess, yes? 
Very dreamy like. With that interesting top and flowy bottom, Farah seems to be on a row with this dresses. Pair with some cool golden hair adornments, can you say Adonis, Greek Goddess?

The perfect sweet, sexy flirty dress for that prom! We like the fit of this dress on this model, and the length is good too! A little swan lake to relive that old childhood ballet recital, no? 

This toga we simply love! A shade of black to bring us back to the dark side and that structured dress is simply to die for! What we look for is the best fit! Heck this dress is already so full of kick, any accessories would just get in the way! 

Very Kebaya inspired, yes?
What do you think? Its kind of lacey and gives out that eastern Glam goddess vibe. A little off track from the traditional and conservative Kebaya we are used to. But hey, it has that awesome fit the Kebaya is best known for! Its Kebaya with extra sexy on top!

We simply adore that mosaic looking  dress on this dress! With different shades of gold, and toned down with some black, you are getting all the best in this dress. 

Like melted gold, oh so glam!

Dark gold somehow makes you look aloof and elusive, yet so intriguing at the same time! With its embellishments on the dress, you don't need anything but a tube dress style to rock this!

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