Friday, September 17, 2010

NY Spring 2011: Ruffian

Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, designers of Ruffian
Well, if you want an in depth autobiography of the designers, you can visit here, or their official website. But we are here to talk about their line for Spring 2011. Out of all designers, they have caught our eye with their play with gold, clean white and their occasional splashes of sapphire blue and dirty green. In general, their look has a very sophisticated and regal air. They emphasized a lot on shoulder padding and the free flow of a skirt, and they seem to like the plunging V neckline a lot.

Glamorous gold trench coat.
You can see a whole lot of trench coats in the Ruffian line, mainly in the regal color gold. But this piece catches our eye with its soft shade of gold. We love how clean cut it is and notice how a good trench coat should never be too long or short, good tip that it falls just above your knee. 

The deep sapphire blue is sure tantalizing, no? :]
Toned down, but still gold shirt dress.
A little baby doll dress inspired, but much more glamorous.
Who would have ever though that deep sapphire blue would be a good match to soft gold? Both are such strong colors. Then again, if you can pull it off, it gives you that regal look. The color palette in this line is limited, but the possibilities of looks done by these two designers are amazing. And we love how the draping top slims down the upper half of the body and the pencil like skirt slims the lower half. :]

Very simple, but we just love the 'clean'ness of this look.

We like the play of fabric here, looking a bit like snake and Alligator skin.
Very androgynous, yes? We like the play of fabric, though we are not quite sure what they used here. I can imagine celebrities like Angelina or Kirsten wearing these. It is edgy yet running on the high fashion side. Wowza! :]

Very professional, but laid back at the same time. 
Simple and angelic, yet slim fitting and chic.
Perhaps our favorite dress in this whole line yet. Call me simplistic, but this dress is absolutely breath-taking. The free flowing skirt slims down your calves and gives you that angelic look. The plunging V neck adds a little more sex appeal and balancing out the sweetness and edge. Giving everyone the impression, 'yeah, I'm sweet, but I can still bite.'

Exuding luxury or what? 
A lot of draping, and that plunging V neck.
Same design, with that leopard punch. :]
In general, Ruffian loves their V neck and gold. Very Whilhelmina, no? :] Any opinions? Email us, we'd love to hear them! Our email

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