Saturday, September 18, 2010

NY Spring 2011: Christian Siriano

The fabulous designer and Project Runway Winner himself, Christian Siriano.

Perhaps one of our favorite winner and youngest one yet, Christian Siriano. Don't underestimate this tiny wonder, he is packed full of style and gives the saying good things come in small packages a whole new definition. :] This season he is giving us a whole lot of metallics and hot colors. Our favorite part about his line is his beautifully structured dresses that packs with that rock star punch. All those rocker chics out there might want to take notes! ;)

Nice silhouette and interesting flow of the dress.
This dress reminds me of the dress Kimora almost wore to the Vogue party (refer to the reality series Kimora: Life in the Fab lane) but with a little more detail. We like the work with metallic here. Normally metallics are hard to pull off because it is just too glimmery and if the dress is not tailored right, it shows off all your unflattering curves! But the little trick Siriano pulled with the layering at the V neck was sheer genius -transforming a normal dress to a whole another level. It gives the dress a little more detail and helps balance out the metallic.

P.s. if you want to work that metallic, work with your skin tones. Fair skin should go with silver; think a little cold metallics to bring out that beautiful skin. Dark skin should go with gold; think warmer shade of metallics to enhance your toned skin. :]

Beautifully structured and very dramatic.
If ever was a dress that attracts attention like a magnet and metal, its this one. We love the puffy bottom with its gorgeous dramatic essence. It may be a little too much for some people, but it won't be Siriano if it isn't in-your-face. :]

Who doesn't need a nice leather jacket?
Leather jackets are normally associated with biker gangs and bad ass rockers. And gee whiz, this is sure bad ass gorgeous. In the 90's we'd rock that denim jacket, but now, we be rocking that leather! ;)

Can you say, oh-la-la? Tre angelic. 
Its like sugar packed with a punch! Its soft texture gives out that dreamy feel whereas it hugs your curves and makes you looking a little more bootylicious with its draping.
Very reminiscent of a pageant beauty queen with her sash, no?
Though we quite disagree with this number, it may work for some people. We could very much do without the sash though, it looks like it was slapped on last minute out of impulsive thinking. It is a bit too pageanty for our taste. But nonetheless, rockstar style was never the contemporary taste isn't it?

Very mod, simplistic yet effective. 
Very reminiscent of the Audrey Hepburn style, yes?

Perfect prom dress, yes?
A bit on the risqué side, but it works. Bond girl? 
Yes we know that we mentioned that a good trench coat should fall just above the knee, but this we might make an exception. Though because of its length it might be less appropriate for a more formal function, it is nonetheless very rock star and oh-so bond girl. :] If you have the legs for it, work it girl!

A bit costume-y, but we love it!
Undoubtedly this is not a dress for the weak hearted, a bit too costume-y. But you can't deny the sheer breath-taking power this dress wields, no? Wear this with confidence and be careful to not drown in that fabulous haute couture! 

The structure of this dress and the detailing is to die for. 
Giving leather that extra sex appeal. 
It is hard to pull of a full leather dress, what with the fiasco of the full denim back with J-T was with Britney. Everyone was a tad apprehensive about the head-to-toe in same fabric ever since. But this works, very classy. :]

Metallic and one sided dresses are definitely a plus!

Oh so rockstar!
Is it just me, or I can imagine Kirsten Stewart wearing this? We see very much of a vampire beauty here. :]

Christiano Siriano basically took a couple of huge risks, but managed to more than get by, and earned a couple of jaw droppers. Oh yeah rock star, we love! :]

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