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Featured Artist: Bunkface

Fresh face with a distinctive sound -ladies and gentlemen I present to you the newest breakout stars of Malaysia, the band -Bunkface. Of course, they have been around for a couple of years now, but their impact on the Malaysian music industry was phenomenal. Many would compare their sound to the likes of great bands like Green Day and All American Rejects. Their band members consist of Sam, the front man and vocalist; Youk, backing vocals and bassist and Paan as lead guitarist and backing vocals.

Energetic and a funky bunch, they were kind enough to take time from their busy schedule to share some thoughts with us here in The Kleio.

Sam, Youk and Paan - The Faces of Bunkface

1.       Firstly, could you guys introduce yourselves?

2.       How did you guys come up with the name ‘Bunkface’?
The name is taken from the title of a Sum 41 song ‘Crazy Amanda Bunkface’ . It was an idea from our former drummer, Biak.

3.       How did you guys come as a band?
We are all friends since high school. We all love music and always went to jamming just for fun, then we realize, why not we formed a band, and try to enter the battle of the band competition? So, that was how it started.

4.       Who are your main music influences? Both local and international.
A lot! Greenday, Blink 182, M.J , Sum 41, Good Charlotte , Locally, All the local bands…and P. RAMLEE Of coz!! Inspired by his talent!

5.       So you guys have gotten pretty famous lately, how has it effected your lives?
Well, we still live like other normal people here, glad there’s no paparazi here in Malaysia, pheww~  its just people know us at most of the place we go, specially in Malaysia, they want to take pictures, autograph, want our things,haha… 

6.       How do you guys find inspiration in writing your songs?
Inspiration came from lot of aspect, life, the world, the people, the way of thinking and culture . All that influences us in making our song and lyrics. 

7.       Among all the songs written, which would be your favourite? And why?
Paan: I like “Escape Dance” because of the lyrics and arrangement.
Sam: I like “Dunia”. “Dunia” is a Malay song which I wrote about what’s happening in the world, people taking control, human rights not really being protected anymore, and discrimination against others. It’s a song for everyone to take a look at themselves as a human being and reflect on the issues around the world.
Youk: For me, I like “Revolusi,” because it’s about our journey in this industry, how we survived, and what we’ve been through which we can share with others through this song.

8.       What is your most memorable performance to date?
MTV World Stage 2010! As we share the same stage with KATTY PERRY, TOKIO HOTEL and WONDER GIRLS! The crowd was amazing!

9.       What are you guys up to right now?
We are focusing to spread our music in Europe and U.S market. We have shows upcoming in London this October. Preparing for that!

Phobia Phoney - Bunkface's First Album

10.   Describe your first album.
The first Album, called “Phobia Phoney” It’s about the fear (phobia) of getting to that step, to get to that level where we are now. We were really scared, so that journey taught us how to handle situations, discrimination and we revolutionized ourselves from time to time.
The discrimination bit came up when we started the band, when we tried to bring our sound to the music industry, to build up Bunkface, and people were rejecting and saying this and that, so to us it was like “Fine, we don’t care what you want to say, we’re going to try,” and here we are now.
We realized at one point that we were ready to go and ready to step to that level, therefore the album title is called Phobia Phoney – it’s about our journey.

11.   How do you guys feel when you see/hear your music on air?
First time when our song got aired is Silly Lilly, we were in a Paan’s van, the reception is very very bad because the van’s antenna was broken, but we were very very excited!

12.   Do you go all, ‘Hi Mom!’ on TV?
Yes!! We love our mums!  Mummy rocks!! Daddy is cool!

13.   How do you guys deal with all the screaming girls?
Just smile and say hye, cute one get a hugs and… haha!!

14.   So everyone has a secret thing they are into, what would be yours? Do you guys secretly listen to Spice girls, or dance in your underwear or something?
Nope!! Secrets…. Actually we are all a very shy guy type.

15.   What are your long term and short term goals for the band?
Short term, maintain the success and keep giving a good performance; long term, to bring our music to the international level!

16.   Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years time?
Bunkface performing at MTV Music Awards @ US! Hah! Big dream though…

17.   Would you guys consider going on a bus tour around Malaysia?
Already did that during our concert in Perlis! But it was a coach bus..haha..

18.   Some bands find it hard to live each other, if you guys were to live with each other, who would you think would have the most worse hygiene or living habits?
Actually We are a very tidy guys… don’t like mess…

19.   Tell us what went through your mind when you guys were writing ‘Bunk Anthem’?
It would be cool if we have our own anthem! And people can sing along during our show.

20.   So do you guys have trouble asking a girl out?
Hmm…not really, just have to be careful so our girlfriends didn’t find out! Haha!! Joking ! Sometimes girls ask us out, so we don’t think we have any problem with that…
21.   Would you ever date a fan?
Sam : why not, they are people too...
Youk : Depends how she is..not the one who cant control her self when she see me..
Paan : My girlfriend? =)

22.   How are your love lives now? Update us, like who is single and who is taken?
Paan & Youk : we’re taken…but Sam is on a ‘hot seat’ these days!! Haha…

23.   Who influences your fashion?
Rockstars! Because we are rockers..and suites our music and image.

24.   What is your must have in clothing?
Skinny jeans

25.   Describe your fashion style.
Modern indie punk rock

26.   What do you guys do during your free time?
Sam : Write songs, play guitar, watch concert
Paan : Date with my girlfriend , reading islamic books..
Youk : Hang out with friends and play PS3!

27.   Any tips to the budding bands hoping to make it?
You have to work hard and never give up!

28.   Give a shout out to your fans, what do you want to say to them?
To all Bunkers out there!! Keep supporting our local music scene and especially all our local bands!! And Thankyou for supporting Bunkface!!

Watch out for this band, they will make it big. 
Such budding talents, no? Of all must sees and must hears, you have to check them out. We recommend songs like, 'Silly Lilly' and 'Through my Window'. You will love them. :]

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