Monday, September 20, 2010

Chic Essentials


Pale Gold and dramatic brown
Taking tips from the designer Farah Angsana, we are seeking for that right fit and that pale gold elegance! 

Look at the back, oh so darling! 
The color of your dress should always compliment your skin tone. Girls with a darker skin tone should look oh-so glam goddess worthy in this!

For lighter skin tones, you can opt for the sharp, stark and clear brown. And guess what? It is only RM45!


Mocha Latte Chicks Vintage


Clothes are too precious to be thrown away. So why not sell them for charity? Oh and you can look so rock star glam in this! Only for RM20!


The Attires' Attic

Batch 111. Miss Joelle
Striped Tube Dress
You can work this tube dress in so many ways! You can go all french chic if you add a hint of red in your look, a red ribbon, red hair band (perhaps not a belt, there are already too many vertical stripes)

Or pull over a singlet with eyelet motives? Feeling inspired to mix and match yet? 

Now with this look you can work the belt! :] Only for RM46!



Origami Blush Pink Top

Perfect for that chic office look! With the ruffled top and waist line emphasis, sexy secretary anyone? Only for RM49!


All Things You Must Have

Glittering Denim Wallet -Code ALT09
Dreamy with an edgy denim punch! You need that awesome accessory to complete your look too, right? Only for RM45!


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