Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Featured BlogShop: Emcee Couture

One of your favourite petite attire e-shop ladies! Emcee Couture! With their signature bright colours and trendy designs, who doesn’t love them? So now we will go to an in depth interview and find out, what Emcee Couture is really made of! ;)


1.      Why the name Emcee Couture?
Basically I wanted something to sound like my initials “MC”, and the word couture in French means dressmaking/sewing. So it’s really as simple as me, doing the thing I love most!

2.      When did Emcee Couture first open its doors to the public? (When did it start)
I started dressmaking and selling them in the blog about 4 years ago under the blog name buzz2bummerbee where I did some reselling too. However about a year ago, I decided that I wanted to really focus and have my own creating playground hence started a new line under a new name, Emcee couture.

3.      What sets Emcee Couture aside from the other blogshops?
Well, I would definitely say the designs. Each and every piece is my creation and it is very exclusive because it is not mass-produced. Each design comes in 3-12 pieces only.(Unless there is a remaking on the item).So if you are worried about having clothes that everyone is wearing or if you like to stand out and be different from others, I suppose emcee couture is the place for you.
Secondly, as a petite myself, I find much difficulties in finding clothes that fit well. Hence, Emcee Couture also caters specifically for petites girls. Each piece is made to fit UK4 with height of more or less 150-156cm. I mean, sure Topshop and Miss Selfridge do have their own petite line of clothing, but never we can find anything that is as affordable as emceecouture, which brings us to the third point.
Emcee couture makes affordable clothings! Especially when you think of them being as exclusive as they are. I thought that it is possible to get fashion on a budget. Items from emceecouture ranges from RM 30-RM55.

4.      Who designs/tailors/models the clothes being sold?
For both of the above... It is me who does the designing, drafting, sewing* and modelling, picture taking (with a self timer of coz) and updating the posts.
*at this point, sewing of samples of each design only as sewing is outsourced*

5.      How many items have been sold so far? (how is the public response)
Not too bad I would say. I have a quite a number of regular customers while there is always new orders. My customers also come from different countries like Australia, the UK and USA. But I believe they are still a large number of petites out there that haven’t heard of Emcee Couture. And of course people who appreciate exclusive creations. I’d like to share my love for dressmaking with them.

6.      What is the inspiration behind Emcee Couture?
I started off sewing because I felt that “I could totally make that” when I saw this lovely top selling for way too much the amount I’m willing to pay. And I always say I never make anything I never wear. I guess it is very much based on who I am and the things that I like.
As for the blog, it really started off wanting to share my passion with people. I was also curious on what would be people’s reaction to my creation. I guess a blog was the easiest and cheapest option around then and still is now.

7.      Do you have plans to open a shop?
I think it would be one of my dreams to have a shop where it sells my creations under my own label. I will definitely love that, as to which extent it could be realised, it depends a lot on your support! =)

1.       Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
Mei Chi, age 24.

2.       Why tailor make the dresses when you can simply get ready made ones, isn’t it easier?
Not when the apparels do not fit you well as a petite.(I’m just so sick of wearing tubes underneath my dress because the arm hole are too huge and the neckline is showing half of my chest)
And knowing that less than a dozen people have this particular piece of creation. That’s the plus point of exclusive items isn’t it?

3.       What is your fashion background?
Not much at all. I was never really trendy nor fashion savvy. I suppose a lot of people are surprised when they find out and did not expect that I could and would be doing this..But yeah, neither did I.

4.       Besides managing the blogshop, what are you up to now?
I’m currently working full time as a Food Technologist.

5.       Who would you like to credit for the success of Emcee Couture?
My mother, she is the reason why I sat in front of the sewing machine. She is also the person providing the technical knowledge, never bored of my fashion tale and dressmaking philosophy when sometimes none of those really make sense.

6.       How do you manage between life and managing a blogshop? It’s a lot of work.
It seems that when you have passion for something, doesn’t seem much like work after all.


Anonymous said...

I love Emcee couture, she is a wonderful designer !

Miss Calla said...

Yeah she is. I love those dresses they make, such a sweet girl too!

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