Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Put Your Hands Up for Detroit

Emcee Couture


Extremely cute, no? This short flirty and quirky dress is quite something. It gives an air of fun and girlish innocence, yet exudes the right amount of girlish charm too. It has a detachable front bow too -which sounds so fun. :)

It is smocked too which hugs all the right curves! :) With a sweetheart neckline too, to show some skin! ;) Available in white and red upon request. We think red would look so awesome -very minnie mouse -esque. And its only RM38! Awesome, yes?


Clothes Bucket


What separates this from every other floral dress you ask? Look at the puffed up collars -it makes all the difference. The thing about puffed up collars, they are one of those fashion trends which originates from music videos (think Lady Gaga in the beginning of the music video for Telephone) Initially they don't work well for street fashion.

But once its toned down, its wow factor is just amazing. The air of drama and sophistication is just awesome. Two trends in one dress, and for only RM50!


Sista Closette

Gold Zipper Tube Dress

Simple but nice. Accentuated by the gold zipper and the flattering cutting, its definitely a must have! Available in both black and grey, and hey, you can't go wrong with any of these. They are bound to make you look oh-wow! ;) Yours for only RM43!


A Model Studio

Botty Boxie

Another one of those puffed up collar pieces! This time in a form of a top! Available in pastel color shades -adds a little sweetness in your outfit! And by the looks of it, it is selling out fast! Hurry and get your own now! ;) For only RM39!


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