Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blast from the Past

While some trends have us hoping they never existed and the pictures burned, some trends leave us hoping to relive that era. Thankfully, vintage and retro is one of the trends that have graced us with their presence now. Check out these retro or vintage wears that are provided by our blog shop owners! ;)


Playground Boutique

Polka Dot Cami Dress

Have you ever watched Hairspray the original version? What amazed me more than their singing pipes and their swift dance steps were their outfit. Big hairs and vibrant colored clothing -stunning to say the least.
And Playground Boutique have brought us a piece that emulates that style -that feel. Take a look at this polka dotted dress, put on a pearl necklace and puff up that hair -and you are ready to hit it like the 60's! For only RM39!


Dr. Pizzicato

Sky High in White

Another trend from the past we have spotted in the streets and runways of today -high waisted skirts. There is some sophisticated air that it has when one puts it on -we like. :)

And the girls at Dr. Pizzicato has brought us one that has a nice cutting and in mod white too! Better hurry up and get your own as it is super limited! :) For only RM39!


A Model's Studio

Party Ripped Bodycon am1132

Ever heard of the 90's where they have the grunge fashion? Though the grunge look may be too harsh for us now, a little hint never hurts! Look at this party ripped bodycon, it has a schmexy twist to a usual tube dress. Perfect for any night out in the club! ;) For only RM50!


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