Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden Full of Surprises

It sure feels like a summer full of spring because every where you turn, you can see floral prints on practically every girl on the street! Hop on the trendy wagon and check out this awesome threads that depicts the very core of this floral trend! ;)


Bubble Teaa Boutique

Black Romance

Floral prints aren't all cutesy and light. Try going to the dark side with this little number. A perfect balance of girlish style and edgy charm, no? One flaw about this trend is if you go too deep into it, you might risk looking like your granny's couch. But rest assured, this piece will have you looking far from your grandparent's couch and looking like a va-va-voom fashionista! ;)

A close up shot on those blossoms -nice aye? Yours for a mere RM35! Hurry and get your piece! ;)


Dainty Little Blogshop


Fancy a nice dress? This is the perfect summer dress to stroll around the mall, a nice picnic with friends or heck a day-date with that sweetheart boyfriend! ;) This dress is very girly, no? And it costs cheaper than it looks too, its only RM 48!


Clothes Bucket

Floral Culottes

One of the many things we like about Clothes Bucket is their quaintly way to get quirky yet stylish pieces. When everyone is going all out in floral dresses and skirts, they came out with shorts! It has a super flattering cut too! Comfy and stylish with a laid back air, what more do you want? ;) Only for RM45!


Dr. Pizzicato

Cotton-On Cardi

Who doesn't love Cotton On? :) We are not going to elaborate more, because the word Cotton On should be enough to elaborate its sheer awesome-ness. :) For your hoodied long cardigan piece, for a mere RM50!


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