Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not-so-basic Basics

Basics are essential to every girl out there. They serve as key links to a great outfit, tying one and one together and forming a well structured yet stylish look. Though some basics can be mixed with a little spice and you can pull off that look entirely with the help of some snazzy accessories! Here, take a look at these gorgeous not-so-basic Basics.


A Model Studio

Basic Trip Bow ams1475

In the front, it looks like a normal long fitting t-shirt dress. Turn around and you have cute little bows that show just a smidgen of that sexy back. One great thing about this piece is -that it has this effortless beauty to it and we simple adore it! Get this uncanny basic now for only RM 34!


Le Mode Maison

Similar to the Basic Trip Bow, this dress is the basic body hugging long t-shirt dress. Matched with a clincher (like in the photo) and you are ready to go! What caught our eye was the different and vibrant colors available to choose from! Look:

In a shade of sweet raspberry pink.

In a shade of chic purple.

In a shade of fresh green.

And one piece is only for RM36, if you buy two, its RM70! Hurry and grab your piece now! :)



Sex and the City- Carrie Bradshaw
Fans of the show will absolutely love this line. The sexy and flirty television series is known for more than its jaw dropping scandals and entertaining dramas, it is also known for its fabulous fashion! It has become the it fashion icon television series across the globe!

So now we have the ever girly and sassy Carrie Bradshaw, love how she dresses? Take a look at this Carrie Bradshaw-esque smocked dress.

Polka dotted to take away that boring edge and smoked at the right places to give you that flattering shape; I can really imagine Carrie walking down the streets of Manhattan with this on!
You can wear it however you want to as well! Tube dress? Or halter neck? Your choice.

The Carrie Bradshaw look for only RM39!


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