Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One of the Boys

By MelindaW

How do these women pull off such masculine elegant fashion style while still maintaining their feminine charms intact?

Angelina Jolie looks sexy in her white suit, while Victoria Beckham braced her style with leather black jacket and a side-styled short haircut (or so I think that was it?) In my opinion, Agyness Deyn tops everyone in this boyish style and her cute pixie cut, which frankly gave her an innocent girlish charm.

You don’t have to go head-to-toe screaming masculinity and manly. You just need a few main fashion pieces that would keep you on track. Look at how these celebrities dressed. Take note of what they wear and how they wear it. Do realise that they don’t overdo their accessories, and all you need to do is keep things simple!

Here are some pieces that I just couldn’t resist sharing with you all!

I really do like this piece with blooming sides of the sleeves. Gives an edgy yet sophisticated look. Suitable paired with either pants or skirts!

Rihanna Full Bloon Blazer / The Shoplifters / MYR 75

I love how the fabric flows out from the corner part of the top! It gives a quirky trashy look, to those daring to be different on the street! Pair up with a pair of fitting jeans and boots, and you are ready to go!

Fabricfabric / The Hey Hey Hey / MYR 40

Weather has been a bitch to us in the afternoons, and sometimes late morning! So go out and have fun in casual shorts like this one! Pair it up with flats and a simple top.

Casual High Shorts / Miss OCD / MYR 50

A combined corset-like tube top and shorts! Perfect for a night out, paired with heels and chunky accessories for the edgy nightglam look!

Denimie / Fascinate / MYR 48

MYR 200 / MYR 126 / MYR 195 / MYR 195

Can you get enough of shoes? I know I can’t! Look at all these pretty babies! Deliciously devour able!


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