Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Toned Wonder


Celine Inspired Classic Box Bag
Price: RM49

Don't you just love how classic and elegant this bag looks? It looks as though it just came off the streets of the Hamptons or at least, Pavillion. ;) No one would believe the price you got it for too! This bag is suited for top-notch and high class events. I can so totally imagine this bag to be paired with a classy long gown, with carefully done makeup and a elegant up do. Yes? :)



Sex and the City

Price: RM55

Two toned dresses are so simplistic and elegant. Very much like shift dresses (except it is a bit more figure friendly), this timeless piece is suited for almost any body type! It has a very casual elegance, like an air of easy going beauty, no? :) A definite must have, and a steal with the price they are offering!


Itsy Beadsy

Korea Love

Price: RM16

If you love Korean couture, you will love the recent batch the girls at Itsy Beadsy has gotten recently! ;) Hot and fresh from Korea, these earrings will have you cry for more! And while we were at the subject of casual elegance, why not throw on some dangling earrings as well? My tip is if you have your hair up, you would want to balance your look with some dangling earring. Fashion is all about a good balance of look, fabric and color (be sure to mind your body type and skin tone too!)

Beau Sac

Pastel Chiffon Dress

Price: RM36
This dress is not so much of a black tie dress. It is more of a casual day out dress. I figured, who doesn't love a good smocked chiffon dress with some water washed like patterned bottom? It is so sweet looking and filled with innocence! You can pair it with some understated ballet flats and style your hair in a loose pony tail. It will definitely add some youthful jazz to your overall appearance! :)

Clothes For Fun


Price: RM40

If you are not really a fan of cutesy looks but more of a sophisticated soul, you can try this slightly more toned down but more sultry dress by Clothes for Fun! ;) Artistically the horizontal stripes would help tone down bustier figures and give an illusion of a slimmer figure. Since it is black and white, this is a good opportunity to sprout those whacky accessories with bright colors to add some contra to your look! :)


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