Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black and White

Vogue Nation

White Russian
Price: RM32

Sometimes the classic color combinations are always the way to go. This simple little number with its intricate details looks simply superb. You don't need an exuberant dress to stand out in a crowd. Sometimes an understated and humble dress like this will get you all the attention you need! ;) It helps when the price is such a steal too! 


Clothes For Fun


Price: RM 45

If you are more of a minimalistic type, you can opt for this number by Clothes for Fun. They brought back an old favorite this Christmas season. Better get your own before they sell out again! ;)


Clothes for Fun- Shoes

 Frontera Black

Price: RM160

What a way to add that edge to your look with a pair of edgy tough looking shoes! These pair of heels will sure to complete and embellish any flirty look with that extra needed edge! It has an ankle strap to give it that edgy Mary-Jane-esque innocence to balance all that edge too! :)


Hearstring Love

X-Cut Cocktail Dress

Price: RM 64

Girls with a slightly larger bust can opt for something heavily draped to tone down that voluptuous figure to suit that formal black tie event. The cross draping in this number can help you do just that but not totally tune out the sexiness! It's best to pair this dress with a dark pair of panty-hose and a pair of heels with not too much height. Remember to keep it classy! ;)


Le Mode Maison

Price: RM45

If you are looking for a classic but slightly trendy dress, you can try Le Mode Maison's Christina! With an emphasis on the waist with a black bow and interesting fabric print, it is the sheer definition of a classic with a trendy twist! Plus people won't believe the price you got it for too! It is such a steal! ;)



Ripple Work Cardigan

Price : RM 45

If you are heading to a more business like function and want to appear professional, and you want to appear professional yet stylish, you can always throw a blazer over a strapless black dress! Of course, any boring black blazer would be too blah. You can try a blazer with interesting twists like this one by Whitesoot! But do be careful that the blazer should have a nice fit to you! Blazers should not look too big or you will look too drowned and it should fit you just nicely.


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