Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to Black

Emcee Couture

Custom 13
Price: RM75

Now that is what I call graceful elegance. Toga inspired one shoulder dress in black is enough to wow the room. Throw in a elegant looking belt and you are ready to go! This dress is humble enough to decorate it with some accessories too! Keep the look simple with some understated necklace and maybe a elegant belt? 
Very much suited for a black tie event. :)


Double Woot

French Connection
Price: RM65

We are focusing very much on that formal Christmas dinner here soo, here is another option! We like the simplicity in this dress. This is very much suited for those taller girls as this is that block colors with much emphasis on the waist. It can go both ways tool, petite girls can style this dress too! But do make sure the length is right. The beauty in this dress is its perfect length. The perfect length for a classy dress is when the hem line falls perfectly on the knee! :)


Dolly Dollz

Price: RM20

The previous two dresses a little too serious for you? Try a little bit more casual with this little get up. The high waisted skirt paired with a lacey black singlet exudes a little spunk to your aura. Its best when worn by taller girls with long waist as it gives an illusion of long legs and it emphasizes your waist! ;) It's a plus when it costs about half the amount then the retail price at Cotton On! :)



Cameo (LB2039)

Price: RM55

The elegant looking bag with a light beige base and brown detailing will have you asking for more! College go-ers can opt for one of these darlings! It is so chic and classy looking, you'd be crazy to say no to it! And it cost about half of how it looks too! ;)


Clothes for Fun

Price: RM42

Sexy often times does not translate to what is shown, but what is not. A little tease here and there will keep the allure that much more higher! Pair it with a little bed head and smoky eyes, and wow girl, knock 'em out will you? :)


Anything to Shop

Crystal Clear 2

Price: RM20

Since we are at the page of classy wears, why not throw in a little accessories in it as well? When adorning for classy black tie looks, it is always best to keep accessories limited to understated ones and colors limit them to gold and silver or even gold! You want to have only one focus to your look to keep everything classy. So why not try this tasteful looking bracelet here to complete your look for that high class dinner tonight? :) 


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