Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Christmas Goodies!

Luv My Dresses

Ribby- A-028Red
Price: RM 18 (free postage)

Maybe it's the Minnie Mouse fever, but red ribbons are all too cute. :] You can wear this as one ribbon on its own or with its counterpart! It's cool for casual (though I wouldn't recommend for a formal function), it adds a youthful kick to that outfit, no? :)


A Model's Studio

Alba All Day ams 1816

Price: RM58

Long dresses always gives you that extra glamorous look to any look! Girls who have the tall enough frame to pull this dress off without looking too drowned can definitely consider this for Christmas night! And oh, it's available in 2010's it color too! What a way to end the year, no? :)



Uneven Drape

Price: RM63

Slightly more petite girls who want that long dress look can opt for another option like this! It is not as long, but be careful of the draping though! Be sure to cinch at the empire waistline to give that illusion of a tall frame.


Kizz of Goddess

 Price: RM25

Short, flirty black dress with intricate details on the side! If you are the type who likes to look a little flirty but not go all the way, try this! It is such an innocent looking dress but it has a slight sexy tang to it too! And at an amazing price too! 


Lovely Gwendolly

Miss Sassy Tube Top

Price: RM 35

With so many stunning dresses with jaw dropping prices, we have a tendency to forget our essentials. This tube top brings us back to basic. It can stand alone as a top and not be too plain because of the details in the middle, so why not do a Christina Aguilera and get back to basic? 


Twin Flames Closet

Blooming Flowers Brocade Cheongsam
Price: RM75

All in fairness, Cheongsams are gorgeous! Its something about that carefully tailored cut in all traditional outfits that appeal to me! :] I am just waiting for Kebaya and Sarees to complete that Malaysian atmosphere! So what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner Malaysian today! ;)


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