Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its Green Red and White

It's a little too long no? Exams were good but doing this brings me much more joy! (duh) So anyways, time flew by in a flash and its that time of that year again! Christmas, anyone? :]

The best excuse to shop, I say. 
Itsy Beadsy

Price: RM 9

Here is a piece to look at, and who doesn't love butterflies? A pair for those big earring fans out there, perfect for those dinner parties or even, a great present for your sister or friend? And at a to-die-for price too!

Bling Owl (E201)


Bling it out with these night fliers because they are bound to get you that attention in the midst of the Christmas party crowd. And hey, look at these stunners and you would have never guessed that you got it for below RM50! ;)



Grecian Playsuit

Price: RM49

Easy, breezy, beautiful! Yes, I am quoting from the ever famous words of the Cover Girl brand. This dress does you just that. That soft light pastel pink gives you that cutesy and gentle feel, giving you freedom to go crazy with accessories! ;)


Le Mode Maison

Cheong Sam
Price: RM187
Edit: Price is RM69

Time to go old school ladies because I personally think Cheong Sam is one of the most sexiest outfits anyone could wear! And that black lace, can you say yum? And the girls at Le Mode Maison took such delicate care to display it in such professional manner too! So what are you waiting for? 

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

017005: Christmas Dress

Price: RM45

I love this dress in particular because it looks so cute and bright! The main idea when dressing for a Christmas party, you should aim for a cheerful and bright dress/outfit to fit the atmosphere! And this dress does just that! ;) And at half the price you normally find at the malls too! :)

Eccentric Op.

Nicole - DO34

Price: RM99

Sexy, sultry and form fitting; just the way to go if you are heading to a bar on Christmas eve! Those daring enough should definitely get this dress! It's the classic black dress with a spin! ;)

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Update: There has been a typo on the price of the CheongSam by Le Mode Maison! Do take note! :]


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