Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Sheer Style

Oh its been too long, no? Exams are a killer. But all is good! :] So how have you all been? Good I hope? So we have a whole bunch of awesome goodies lined up after a week of absence. Do feast your eyes on these! ;)



Little Black Dress

Like a funkified classic, this toga inspired LBD is a definitely must have! The highlights in the black draping keep the dress from being too dull, paired with the slight bubble bottom, it is a high classed dress with an edge! :] Yours for only RM 59!


Lovebag Lovebag

Magdalena (LB2028)

If you are the type that loves quirk and color, this is the bag for you! ;)

With those candy colored pink and yellow and sailor inspired blue and white strips, you almost want to jump for joy looking at these! :]
Available in both pink and red! Yours for only RM55!


Itsy Beadsy

N132 Love Letter

Itsy beadsy is so like the online version of Diva. :] We absolutely adore the quaint and delicate looking necklace! :] Yours for only RM22



Irish Maxi

Fan of maxi dresses? If you like 'em straight, long (of course) and elegant, this is the maxi for you!

The black colored one is especially effective in creating a long lean silhouette. 

Beige exudes that effortless class, letting your natural beauty shine through. :] Fallen in love with it yet? Only for RM59


Le Mode Maison

Doreen Maxi

If you like your maxi to be a bit more textured, then Le Mode Maison has got the maxi for you! ;)

Very similar, but with a little twist at the empire waist! Emphasizing your bust line! ;) For only RM45


Made Moiselle


There is nothing quite like a sweet tiered white dress to start off that bright sunny day!

There are options like gray, white and pink! With a plain-but-not-so-plain dress like this, you can definitely pull a Nichole Ritchie and go nuts with those accessories! Think bright and bold accessories! Maybe some bug-eyed sunnies? :] Only for RM42!


A Model Studio

Quinn Drape ams1534

Oh how we love sheer simplicity with a punch! :] Slightly structured and great draping, to show off that awesome bust line and simplistic and effortless beauty! We love! Only for RM46


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