Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dream Heels

So have you ever fancied yourself as a designer? So I was surfing the net the other day (this was before exams, :P) and I came across this website. And I was awed. 

I always fancied to think of myself as some sort of art fan -being that I design, although they are not very good, I still love them. I have always heard of Chuck Taylors, where graffiti artists design and air brush their amazing talent on converse -but never have I heard of designing your own heels!

And guess what, if your design is chosen, you not only get money for your efforts, you get a commission for every heel that is bought! And the heels there are to die for. Not only they are works of art, they are oh-so fashion friendly too!

-an extract from the website-

Design Your Dream Heels 

Step One- Dream up an Idea

The more original, the better! We specialize in printed pumps, but don't just think Zebra or Leopard print. Our state-of-the-art printing technology means anything goes! Think colorful designs, crazy patterns, vivid photography, whatever! If you can dream it, you can put it on your shoe.
When you've got the perfect idea, fire up your favorite graphics program (we use Adobe Illustrator) and start creating!
Step Two- Submit Your Design

Prepare your design according to the instructions on the design template and our shoe design tips.
Next, launch our 3D Shoe Viewer so you can get a better idea of what your design will look like on a real shoe. Once your files are ready, submit your work using the button at the bottom of this page

Step Three- Tell Your Friends

Once submitted, your work will enter the contest to be voted and commented on by the Dream Heels community. Be sure to tell your friends and family about your design so they can vote too!
Wth the help of the community, we'll decided which designs will become the next Dream Heels and then hand out the prizes!
Step Four- Profit

If your design is selected, you'll get:
  • $250 in cash
  • $250 in Dream Dollars (store credit)
  • $0.50 residuals for every pair of shoes sold featuring your design
    (up to 
Residuals will be paid out at the following benchmarks:
  • 1000 pairs sold = $500
  • 2000 pairs sold = $500
  • 3000 pairs sold = $500
That's $2000 in cash and prizes!
The next winner will be selected soon, so get your entries in now!
*Note: This is not a paid advertorial, its just something I thought might interest you guys. Sharing is caring! :]


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