Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Bliss

Emcee Couture


Oh dear, with exams around the corner, I hardly had time to update at all! *yipes* Anyways, I've a little time on my plate before heading the books again. And guess what I found?

Are you an Ugly Betty TV series fan? Saw those commercials on the show? Then you will know what we are talking about! :] And we do agree with the cropped jacket bit! And leave it to the girls at Emcee Couture to take this trend and give it a classy spin! ;) We absolutely adore this jacket, so classy and elegant looking, no? Good for office, yet funky enough to style it down the streets! Only for RM47!  



Herve Leger Inspired Bodycon

Bodycons, bodycons, bodycons! For those curvalicious ladies out there seeking for some good compliments to extenuate that sultry body shape! Doublewoot has brought to us the presence of this super-di-duper classic, never out of style basic black dress with that bodycon twist! :]

 We think it's best to leave the neck area bare, (some might opt to accessorize) because well, to show off that gorgeous collar bone of course! ;) To spice this look up, look for an eye catching thick belt to draw attention to that waist! Throw on some bracelets and earrings, can you say evening glamazon? :] Only yours for RM55!


Le Mode Maison

Karyne Version

 Are you a Boho savvy like the olsen twins? Then you will so totally drool over this piece brought to you by Le Mode Maison! :]

Side note: gray is a good middle line between formal and informal. Whilst white may come off as too plain, innocent and too clean and black coming off as too edgy or in your face -gray is a great middle line, it says I'm funky enough to be on the street and demure enough to be formal! Versatility is awesome, no? Makes more out of the money spent!

That baggy loose fitting outfit gives you that earthy feel to your appearance, one that is good! :] Plus it hides those unwanted curves and bumps there, ;) Only yours for RM55!


Lovebag Lovebag

Theresa (LB2031)
A little gold here, a dash of dark navy and some beige -oh my, classy yes? :] Whether it is for office use or styling that bag down the street, this bag will do the job! Only yours for RM60!


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