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Featured Artist: Pop Shuvit

One of Malaysia's most iconic and possess the longest staying power -Pop Shuvit. They've established themselves as one of Malaysia's best for about 10 years now, so what's next? The Kleio has the exclusive interview with this awesome band to find out more. :]


1.       Firstly, could you guys introduce yourselves?

2.       How did you guys come up with the name ‘Pop Shuvit’?
Pop Shuvit is basically a skateboarding trick also known as a kick flip 360 where you flip the board under your feet and it does a 360 flip.

3.       How did you guys come as a band?
The band has been together for 10 years now but have known each other for more than 15 years since our high school dayz.  We each started out in the music industry with various bands and groups till we got together and started pop shuvit and have been a solid unit ever since.

4.       Who are your main music influences? Both local and international.
Our main influences are each other as we bounce of creatively from one another.  Internationally it would have to be Rage Against The Machine. 

5.       What are your thoughts on the Malaysian music scene?
It is thriving and creatively we are really peaking right now.  The quality of music has increased tenfold in the last 10 years and I’m amazed at the talent that we have in our home soil.

6.       How do you guys find inspiration in writing your songs? 
We draw inspiration from each other and what we have gone through over the years togetheras  a band and as brothers

7.       Among all the songs written, which would be your favourite? And why?
I guess a band favourite has to be Side Swipe from our sophomore album Here and Now.  It was adeparture from standard rap rock flair and lyrically it was a very personal song written about relationships.

8.       What is your most memorable performance to date?
The My chemical Romance Asian tour.  Just to have been invited by the band to perform with them was an honor and getting to play in countires we have never been to was super cool.

9.       What are you guys up to right now?
We are in the midst of finishing up our fifth studio album “CHERRY BLOSSOM LOVE AFFAIR”  this will be our most perosnal album to date.

10 Describe your first album.
Raw, energentic with a pinch of sweetness.  It was 9 years ago and we were all new to studios and songwriting.  I would say a very fun album to make.

11  How do you guys feel when you see/hear your music on air?
Even if it’s the 1,000,000th time it still puts a big smile on my face and I crank up the volume :  )

12   How do you guys deal with all the screaming girls?
We scream back at them!!!

13   What are your long term and short term goals for the band?
Well we are in the medium term of our long term plan.  Our production studio “2105 productions” is up and running.  JD runs it together with AJ and we have produced for bands like bunkface, and estranged.

14   Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years time?
At the Grammy awards accepting the award for best international act

15Some bands find it hard to live each other, if you guys were to live with each other, who would you think would have the most worse hygiene or living habits?
Well thankfully UNO got rid of the dreadlocks if not it would be him! I think we are all pretty particular about cleanliness so we should be fine but Moots always wets the bathroom!!

16   Describe your journey and how was it so far, as the ever famous, ‘Pop Shuvit’?
Living the dream and enjoying it!  The journey ahs been one big rollercoaster ride of emotions!

17   So do you guys have trouble asking a girl out?
I think we’ve all matured to the point we ourselves know what we want in a girl so yea you can say we are confident enough to go get what we want.

18   Would you ever date a fan?
We try not to but if megan fox said she was a fan how can I say no to that!

19  How are your love lives now? Update us, like who is single and who is taken?
Rudy and AJ are married.  Rudy has baby girl  Eva “shuvit” Lestrai. Moots is also engaged.  UNO and JD are still single and available!

20   Who influences your fashion?
We kinda like to wear what makes us feel comfortable not what we think is cool but the So-Cal skate scene is pretty much the major influence.  Brands like Macbeth and nike endorse us as well.

21   What is your must have in clothing?
Moots has to have his fedora hats now that his spiky days are gone and Rudy can’t rock the drums if he doenst have his new era cap on!

22   Describe your fashion style.
Urban/Street wear.

23   What do you guys do during your free time?
Sleep!!!  We spend so much time with music that sometimes its nice to just laze in bed over a DVD marathon!

24   Any tips to the budding bands hoping to make it?
Keep rocking it and don’t give up!  It took us 10 years to get where we are at now and are still sriving for more!

25  Give a shout out to your fans; what do you want to say to them?
We don’t believe in fans we belive in friends so anyone who has come up and said hi or shook our hands are considered friends so the next time you see us come up and say hi and have a chat!

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